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How to Accelerate Your Degree Plan
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Excelsior College Examinations (formerly Proficiency Examination Programs - PEP)
UExcel (Excelsior College examination program proficiency examinations) are accepted for credit by more than 900 colleges and universities (see transfer credits for a directory of colleges granting credit.) Exams are offered in business, education, humanities, natural science/mathematics, nursing, social sciences/history, and technology, and are available for undergraduate and graduate credit. Fees vary, depending on subject and exam type (for example, the cost of an exam in Business Ethics is $95; an exam in Microbiology is $345.) Enrollment is not necessary to take the examinations, and results are transferable to any school accepting Excelsior credit.

Graduate Record Examinations (GRE)
The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) is generally the standard admissions test for students seeking admission to graduate school. However, the GRE subject exam is sometimes also used to assess student's learning at the undergraduate level (for example, Charter Oak College may assess credit for a GRE exam). Credit for subject exams can amount up to 30 credits. These tests score undergraduate achievement in eight disciplines. Cost: $195.

Many colleges and universities also have credit by examination programs through which students earn college credit. The most well known are through Ohio University, Thomas Edison State College, Charter Oak College and the University of North Carolina.

Ohio University offers portfolio assessment and credit by examination. To take an examination, students must enroll in the subject course. Exams can be taken on campus or at a proctored location.

Thomas Edison State College offers 38 exams in English Composition, Humanities, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences/Mathematics, Business & Management, Computer Science Technology, and Applied Science and Technology. TESC also offers a Portfolio Assessment program.

Charter Oak State College provides multiple options for sources of college credit. Proficiency tests and portfolio assessments are used to evaluate prior learning. Charter accepts most standardized exams, including:

The University of North Carolina offers a credit by examination option for self-paced courses (independent study) taken through correspondence or online. All courses are taught from a distance, and no class attendance is required. The courses can be started at any time and are not tied to a semester schedule.

Credit for Corporate, Military, or Professional Training
Have you completed corporate, military, or other professional training programs? The American Council on Education assists adult students in turning professional career training, certifications or examinations into college credit through the College Credit Recommendation Service. The CCRC serves to evaluate formal educational programs provided by professional and voluntary organizations, labor unions, the government, hospitals, business and industry.

The ACE College and University Network includes nearly 2,000 colleges and universities that recognize and consider ACE credit recommendations. Students can find courses or a list of organizations by browsing the National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training or searching for a specific course or exam within the guide.

For the military, the ACE Military Guide provides credit recommendations for formal courses and occupations offered by all branches of the military (the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Department of Defense, Navy, and the Marines) and provides a course search. For Army veterans, the Army/American Council on Education Registry Transcript System (AARTS) will provide a transcript of ACE credit recommendations for all coursework completed while in service,. the military occupational specialities (MOS's) held, and examinations passed.

The ACE Transcript Service, or the American Council on Education College Credit Recommendation Service*, is accepted by most colleges and universities. Locate your completed training or certification (i.e., Microsoft Office Certification) and its college credit equivalency. You can also check coursework, CEU's or examinations evaluated by ACE, and use the ACE Credit Transcript System to keep a record of ACE reviewed training or order an official transcript. mended for credit in the ACE guides, your school may count it as college credit.


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