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Internships For Adults: Don't Get Your Degree Without It
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Students often land paying jobs with the companies that hire them as interns. In the article, “Internships Lead to Jobs, ” Roberta Campbell at Guidant Corporation discussed the many advantages interns had in the competition for employment. “Because we look at internships as a chance for an extended interview, " she said, "Interns really get the opportunity to show us what they have to offer the company. They have great opportunities to network here. They also have the opportunity to get to know the company culture and see if it's a good fit for them.”

The NACE student survey found that nearly 50 percent of graduating seniors who had internship experience received at least one job offer. Only 30.7 percent of students without internship experience who applied for jobs received an offer. The study also found that those who had an internship were more likely to accept the offer—and have a job to go to following graduation.

Places to Look for Internships

- Your school’s career office. This is a great place to be matched with internship opportunities. The school’s career office usually provides help with résumés and cover letters as well. As an adult student interested in changing careers, perhaps you could use assistance in making the skills on your current résumé target your new job market.

- In the local newspaper. Mixed in with paying jobs there are always listings for internship and volunteer opportunities.

- Any search engine. Simply type in the word "internships", and the city (or county) you live in and numerous websites will pop up to help you with your search.

- College/scholarship sites. There are numerous websites devoted to helping college students find scholarships, and also internship opportunities. Simply complete a profile on the website of your choice, and answer questions about your interests. You will then be linked to internships that match your goals and skill level.

Internship Benefits

  • The chance to "try out" a new career field
  • Professional experience for your résumé
  • Opportunities to network
  • May receive college credit
  • Find a mentor
  • Higher chances of getting desired position*
  • Receive higher starting salaries*
  • *NACE 2011 Student Survey

    A shorter version of this article orignially appeared on in November 2011.

    Kizzy graduated with a B.A. in English Language and Literature at the age of 31, and has received a Master’s degree in Professional Writing from Chatham University . Now she is passionate about helping other students achieve their goals. She maintains a blog, Second Chance, that offers encouragement to motivate people of every age. Kizzy is also a contributing writer for Fastweb.

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