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                                                                                           Faith Ivery, Ed.D.Have a Question about Returning to College?

Featured expert E. Faith Ivery, Ed.D. is President of Educational Advisory Services, Inc., which specializes in designing education plans for adult learners to complete college degrees efficiently and significantly reduce costs. Submit your questions keeping these guidelines in mind:

  • To receive a response, make sure your question hasn't already been addressed in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) or elsewhere on the Web site. (Try the site map or a site search.) Ask the Experts has compiled a large library of questions ranging from returning to college to entrance to graduate school. A comprehensive overview of questions regarding returning to college have been addressed.

  • To locate a specific degree program or for questions about financial aid or grants and scholarships, please use the many resources available on the Web site.

  • For a general overview, see Getting Started. Additional college preparation and application information is available in Admissions.

  • If you are seeking information about a particular major or career, see the Career Planning section.

  • Don't submit questions from class assignments, or those that are discipline specific.

  • Ask the Experts only addresses questions that are of general interest to students, and not all questions can be selected for publishing. Questions are also addressed in the online discussion forums.

  • Please include a first name and your college (if enrolled) and state, and all applicable fields for the best response.

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