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Save Time and Money on Your College Degree

Many adults returning to college find themselves bewildered by the number of degree options available, or aren't sure where to start to attain their educational goals. They may find themselves choosing expensive colleges through an advertisement or through the persistent, ongoing effort of college recruiters, unaware of the availability of more economical choices. Most importantly, they need assistance in finding the programs best suited to their needs and in obtaining college-level credit for life experience or subject proficiencies, as the comments below show:

I am interested in starting a career in education. I have worked as an Education Aide/Para Professional for 13 years. I do not know where to start to find information for schools that offer on-line classes in this field. I am the mother of three so going away to college is impossible.

I am 41 years old, and got my GED back in the late 70's. I have been an IT Professional for over 20 years, holding numerous consulting and management positions. I would like to attend college either part-time, or by leveraging some sort of distance learning program, but I have no idea where to start, and frankly, I am somewhat intimidated. Additionally, I am hoping that I will be able to get at least some college credit for life experience. Any help appreciated.”

"Through the course of many years I have obtained 78 credits in Early Education. I am interested in finding a college, either traditional or through the Internet, that accepts "life experience credits" in my field of study. I am currently working as a Pre-K Teacher and need to obtain this information as soon as possible."

Since locating information about degree programs suited to individual needs is often time consuming and difficult, College Degree Search was designed to help adults find programs matching their educational goals.

There is no question finding the right school can be a challenge. There are many distractions adults face when searching for a program in addition to time constraints. Persuasive marketing and "diploma mills" proliferate on the Internet, making it hard to determine which programs are legitimate and hold the right accreditation. In addition to accreditation, affordability, reputation, and student experience are also factors in decision making. Most Web sites that feature degree programs feature only paid profiles, often not including the more affordable degree programs offered by public, non-profit institutions. Too, college representatives are by necessity recruiters for their school. That's why its important to fully research several colleges to understand your choices, and to find the right program for you.

Knowing your options and finding the right program results in significant time and money savings toward your degree.

Did you know that hundreds of regionally accredited (the most important time of accreditation), well-known colleges and universities recognize the experiences and accomplishments adult students bring to the table, and provide options to earn credit for those that qualify as college-level learning? Adult students can receive credit for:

Work Experience, Military Service, or Community Service
Specialized Training
Participation in Professional Conferences, Seminars, or Workshops
Certification and Licensure
Professional Authorship (Books or Papers)
CLEP (College Level Examination Program) or DANTES Testing

These options provide a substantial savings on time and tuition, as some schools will award up to 32 credits through examination and prior learning towards an undergraduate degree. (For more information, see How to Accelerate Your Degree Plan.)

College Degree Search profiles the top colleges and universities that offer American Council on Education and National College Credit Recommendation Service credit for life experience (also known as prior learning credit), credit for corporate, professional or military training, and the ability to test out of general or subject examinations (CLEP and DANTES testing).

Each college or university profiled is accredited by one of the six regional accrediting boards, and provides full degree programs available on-campus, through the Internet, through correspondence, or by multimedia (broadcast/video), including undergraduate, graduate, certificate and doctorate degrees in a range of disciplines. Many of the universities have the same instructors teaching through distance education or on the Internet as at the traditional campus, and students are able to earn the same degree as students attending the main campus.

Schools are both both public and private, and offer degree programs for adults across the United States, including the more affordable programs accepted by employers for Tuition Assistance Programs (TAP). Each college and university was selected according to several important criteria, including affordabililty, faculty, and academic ranking and reputation.

Most of the degree programs require no on-campus attendance. Others require only a short residency (a small percentage of credits are earned on-campus). Many programs are accelerated or self-paced. Tuition for these schools is competitive. And because the colleges are regionally accredited, credits can be transferred to or from other colleges and universities. These programs provide the best value for adult learners.

This database will be available in 2019.

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