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Returning to College Later in Life: Following the Family Tradition
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The work I did was a wonderful look at my own thoughts that I had no idea about because they had never been tapped. The writing I did while I was in college, re-awakened the desire to write.

I had been on the high school newspaper at Carter-Riverside High School and had loved it. Writing had always come easily to me. When we had term themes in high school, everyone else hated the whole thing. I found the research and documenting it in my paper to be fascinating.

My first writing assignment in English 101 had touched that part of me all over again. Having a very creative instructor helped me continue my writing outside of class, as well as the writing I had to do for college. Connecting with those who were educating me was very comfortable for me because they were close to my own age.

When I reached my 40's I knew I wanted to have a different type of education and signed up for a Bible college, Emmaus Road Ministry School. The Bible came to life for me there. I was always fascinated with it, but didn't understand how to study it for myself. Whatever had been shared from a pulpit or in a Sunday School class was all I really knew prior to this. I had been in a few Bible studies, but no one knew more than anyone else, so learning to research the Bible had remained beyond my reach.

I had many wonderful educators throughout Emmaus Road and it was a spring board to several various ministry outreaches for me. I write professionally today using biblical principles as the basis for my line of children's books. My
husband and I have a ministry for people who are feeling hopeless. Writing Bible studies has become a wonderful part of my life.

Seven years ago my middle daughter said, "I know I didn't want to go to college when I graduated from high school, but I would like to go now." She had been a legal assistant for almost ten years at that time. Many people surrounding her thought she was throwing away a wonderful career.

I totally understood where she was coming from with her idea about going to school in her late 20's. After all, it has become a family tradition for us. She is finishing up a pre-med degree today and is recently married. It is my hope that she will find room for her continuing education in her life. She has a brilliant mind and would make a wonderful doctor. The fact that she won't practice until she is about 40 will only give her more life experiences to take with her into her practice.

You see, it is never too late to step back into the educational realm. The value is incomparable, both to the student and those who enjoy being part of their

Deanna Luke enjoys helping others find the excellence in their lives. She writes articles and books for publication (available at BowBooks). Deanna also takes part in community outreach classes at her local Barnes and Noble.

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