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It's Never Too Late To Follow Your Dreams.
Diane Leon returned to school at age 41 to receive a degree in art history.

Choosing a Major.
Deciding on a path of study involves several aspects.

College in the 40s.
A crime fiction writer will receive his B.A. at 48.

Happy Birthday, Mr. Graduate.
A 28th birthday leads to a life transformation.

Joining Your College Alumni Association.
Several advantages are available to students still in college.

Forty-Nine and Back to School.
Her sheltered world as wife and mother was behind her.

Should You Get Your Degree Through Distance Learning?
Find out if distance learning is right for you and how to select a distance program

Online Classes: The Basics.
Learning the basics before you enroll can help you get the most out of the experience.

Making the Grade.
Returning students have life skills easily transferred to the classroom.

Certificate Programs.
Certificate programs are education's best kept secret.

Easing the Transition.
How to live creatively on financial aid.

Ten Questions to Ask Before Choosing a University.
A host of resources are available.

Reasons to Smile.
After being downsized for the fourth time in eight years, Kimberly Ousley knew going back to school was her only option.

The Acid Test.
An older student gets a surprising lesson when she returns to class.

The Return of a Long Lost Student.
So many years had passed since her last time in a classroom.

Scared Speechless.
Most degree programs have a public speaking requirement. Draw on life experiences when building a classroom presentation.


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