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Gaining Confidence - and a Degree - Online.
When you reach a turning point, you choose whether to continue on the path you are taking, or whether to make a change that will take you off in a new direction.

Tips for Writing Your College Admissions Essay.
Ace your essay with these tried and proven tips.

See You Online!
Using college library resources and the Web.

Gain Credit with the CLEP.
Get credit for what you already know with the College Level Examination Program.

When Education Knocks.
Every pathway has hurdles and challenges. You might as well take the path toward becoming what your heart and dreams desire.

Procrastination Control: Success Tips for Adult Students.
Tactics to keep you on track for success.

Win the War Against Procrastination.
We all can relate to the temptation of putting things off - particularly those tasks we don’t enjoy.

Writing the In-Class Essay Exam.
Brainstorming and creating successful in-class essays.

The Accelerated Learning Style: Is It Right for You?
Students often misunderstand the requirements of an ALS program.

The Information Crunch: Retaining What You Learn.
The bottom line for finding time to study is knowing where to look for it.

A Major Lesson.
Many returning adults have only decided on what career they don’t want.

Using Non-Degree Status to Test Grad School Waters.
Enrollment as a non-degree student can be a win-win situation.

My Struggle With Math.
Would math take down his hard won GPA?

Reflections on a Dream: A Nontraditional Student.
Earning a bachelor's degree was the fulfillment of a dream for Gary Dobson.

College After Thirty.
If you're ready to change your career, enrich your mind, or even embark on a whole new life plan, maybe it's time to get back into the classroom.


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