Should I be directed to a 2nd bachelors or a masters?

Posted by: Lrnash

Should I be directed to a 2nd bachelors or a masters? - 01/20/2012 00:31 AM

My name is Laura, I'm 29 years old and have just been pondering over the thought of returning to school, but I have questions before I make the decision. I went to college right out of high school..worked hard, completed my 4 years and received a bachelors of science in secondary education. The problem was I knew I didn't want to teach, but had gotten far with my credits and just wanted to finish and get my degree at the time. I started bartending, even tho I substituted and tutored thru some of the years, I mostly made bartending and cocktailing as my career in my 20's since graduating. I was out of work for a few months and it got my attenion of what I wish I had studied or done and many things Id like to apply for, I don't have the experience. I have a job again serving, but going back to school has really been in my head. Here is a question I have.. I want to study international relations, this degree is in the Arts. The one I currently hold is in the Sciences. My concentration with my secondary education major I previously studied was history yet there are many different classes and courses I will need in international relations. My 1st question is..will I have to start over at the beginning or could I move ahead to get my masters even tho it is different course work and a different degree?? And also I know I will not qualify for the same financial aid since I already recieved a bachelors, but are there other financial tunnels so going back to school won't leave me broke? I have been out of school for so many years and not really sure what direction I should start looking if it will even be feasible or if I'll bs agaric from the beginning again.. Any information is greatly appreciated!!
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Re: Should I be directed to a 2nd bachelors or a masters? - 01/25/2012 09:35 AM

Dear Laura,

You probably already know the answer to your question. Anyway, find a school(s) that offer your intended program and talk to them. I doubt that you will need a whole new BS degree to enter a Master program but you might need to fill in a few undergrad gaps to get in.

This forum is a little slow from my experience. Anyway, I'm going to ignore my advice to you for myself and go for another BS degree. Like you I have an education degree, unlike you I have been out of college for 35 years! So, my well crafted plan is to take math classes (from the local community college) that will not count towards any degree simply to get my below par math skills up to speed. I'm taking Algebra 101 now and will take Algebra 102 in the summer.

In the fall, I'm taking college Algebra and A&P 101. The A&P will count towards a major and the college algebra is a pre-req for a Chemistry class I need. So, I hate to take classes that will not count but without the skills I'm going no-where in the major I want. I plan to take my time, get good grades work and pay my bills as they come up. Just me though.

Good luck