Starting over at 35

Posted by: jhohn

Starting over at 35 - 10/30/2013 18:36 PM

Hi, I'm about to be 35 and am strongly considering going to college for the first time. My biggest hang up is that I'm married and have one child. My wife does not work because she is disabled with multiple sclerosis. My fear is how would I keep us financially afloat with 2 car payments, as well as all the regular costs of living? Rent, food, childcare, credit cards, etc. How is it possible for someone like me to even consider this?? When you have $3,000 a month in bills, how would I sustain that with no income other than her $625 a month in disability. Also, the school I would probably attend is an hour away so I would have the added cost of fuel.
Posted by: iank

Re: Starting over at 35 - 12/26/2013 16:45 PM

It's not easy but you could do it. First you would probably need to take less classes than a full time student. This would allow you time to work, be with family, and actually be successful in the classes you are taking. If you go all out, you may overload yourself.

On the financial side of things, take at what kind of grants you might be able to get (map, pell, etc.). A call to the college's financial aid office would probably be helpful.

Considering your drive, take a look to see if they offer any online classes. Online classes are becoming pretty popular and you might even find one from another college within your state that works for you.

Also, have you considered working somewhere that pays for your tuition? Just a thought. That's what I did and it worked out pretty great for me when I went back to college.