Confused About Direction

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Confused About Direction - 12/19/2010 00:18 AM

I am a twenty-one year old senior currently attending St. John's University. I live on campus forty miles away from my hometown. I am majoring in Accounting, which at first I liked because I did well in high school but it became clear that I set expectations that were too high for myself. I have done commendably in my first two years but grades have steadily slipped since my junior year began. I managed to get into a five-year Masters program on probation that demands a B-average which I have struggled to maintain. I have already registered for the upcoming spring semester but the classes I took in the fall (3 undergrad, 2 grad, 15 credits total) have dented my GPA considerably. I am highly considering a new focus and have thought about pursuing a career in music or writing instead, which my school does not offer. I have talked about this with my dean who recommends I finish an Accounting bachelor's degree and transferring.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Confused About Direction - 05/31/2011 21:22 PM

Hi KoopaKid,

Since you are so close right now to finishing your degree. You should go ahead and follow your deans advice. Get the degree because a career in music or writing is not a very secure field (but what is these days). Not trying to be discouraging, because I dabble with music myself, but at least with your degree you will always have something to fall back on just in case.

If you are just trying to do something else because you feel that accomplishing what you really want is too hard, I would say stay in that field because you're passionate about it. However, if you have really lost passion for your original goals, complete the degree and do what you love.
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Re: Confused About Direction - 07/18/2011 06:58 AM

Hello Everyone,
I'm Bessie and i am also confused about direction can you help me.
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