confusion about social work/psychotherapy masters apprach

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confusion about social work/psychotherapy masters apprach - 07/11/2011 23:11 PM

Hi, I just joined here and I am need of some good advice as to my options concerning getting into graduate school to start a road to becoming a psychotherapist. I have a BA in English from the College of the Holy Cross, however when I graduated over ten years ago my final GPA was way below the requirements for the social work masters programs in New Jersey. The two programs I looked at in NJ do not require the GRE or even accept it I believe. I was advised to take non-matriculated masters level social work work courses to beef up my GPA and show I am capable of masters level work. These classes are over 2,000 each and financial aid is not available for them. I was only able to take one class-in which I got an A. However, my admission status was deferred until next admissions cycle-Fall 2012 because of an overwhelming number of applicants and, considering I took only 1 non-matriculated class this past Spring to outweigh my "atrocious" undergrad GPA,rather weak application. The admissions dean advised me to take a few more classes to help my application. However, I am presently unemployed on disability, but looking to get back to work-and I won't be able to afford any out of pocket expense for more classes. If I can't afford to take any classes, which direction should I go in to becoming a psychotherapist. I have been told and read that a LCSW is the best way to finding employment after licensure. Am I simply out of luck because of the lack of money for non-matriculated classes?
Any thoughts on what I can do to pro-actively facilitate my situation would be helpful. Sorry, this was so long.

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