Studying Engineering Physics/Electrical Eng. after 40?!!

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Studying Engineering Physics/Electrical Eng. after 40?!! - 10/02/2011 16:51 PM

Helpful insight is what I'm looking for. I'm considering returning to school at the age of 42 to either study "Engineering Physics or Electrical Engineering." I first attempted my Bachelor degree in the late 90's, but decided to drop out for various reasons.

What I'd like input on, is if this task, is actually a "realistic" endeavor upon which I can make at this point in my life? I have no children and not married!! What do you think I can expect? How should I prepare myself for vigorous course work? You know...things like that? I've always had a massive interest in science and technology. There are multiple reasons why I want to return to school, one, is that recent passing of my grandfather who graduated from college in 1951 majoring in chemistry, he always stressed education. I want to do this for him!!

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Bridge Primary School
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the author: Cui Zhiying Xiao Ruiping from the Panyu daily)
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[the original title: School in recognition of outstanding teachers, pioneer]

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