Question about Pharmacy

Posted by: Ben

Question about Pharmacy - 06/05/2006 18:09 PM

Hi all,

I am 21 and I am getting ready to go back to school. I graduated from HS at 16 and had no idea what to do with my life. Now I have decided to go back to school to be a pharmacist.
My question is can you earn your prerequisites at a community college or would that be a waste of time? If anyone knows I would really appreciate any info.

Posted by: scorp

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 06/05/2006 23:58 PM

By no means would it be waste of time. Beaware that admittance to pharmacy school is becoming very competitive. Coming from a CC you would want to do very well in your classes combined with a very good PCAT score.
Posted by: PharmDstudent

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 06/06/2006 15:30 PM

Different pharmacy schools may have different preferences as in if they will accept credits from a CC or not, if you really want to find out..I would suggest you to call the pharmacy schools directly and ask if they accept credits from schools that you will be planning to take those courses at.
Posted by: shi

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 06/06/2006 19:59 PM

I don't see why you couldn't transfer core courses earned at a community college (english, math, bio, etc.). To be absolutely certain, as the other poster said, contact the pharmacy school you plan to attend. Good luck to you!
Posted by: Jon

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 06/14/2006 16:49 PM

If your planning on taking pre-requisite classes, I would suggest taking them at a State University if feesible. Simply these classes will be on par with the applicants you are competing with and generally will have no issues transferring.

You can attend your state university as a non-matriculating student and pay per credit for your classes. Double check with your enrollment services office at your state university for more information.

This would be the best way to take care of your pre-requisites.
Posted by: toramus

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 06/20/2006 17:28 PM

I am a 31 year old CPhT who is starting pharmacy school this fall. I hold two bachelor's degrees from Michigan State University, neither in a science field. One in Education and one in Business. The only pre reqs I could use from my degrees were my general education, math and inorganic chemistry. I completed my advanced biology, organic chemistry, physics and anatomy at the local community college. I was accepted into two rather hard to get into pharmacy colleges. I don't think where you take your classes is as important as demostrating your dedication to the profession. I did very well on my PCAT and had a great GPA at the community college. My GPA from MSU was not so hot. I think the fact that I had experience in a pharmacy and made no bones about the fact that I found college much different the second time around helped me to get in. This was the first time I applied to any school and got interviews at all three I applied for.
Posted by: reunice

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 06/25/2006 05:47 AM

Hello all,

I have a degree on engineering and working in the field for 6 years. I am 40 years old and want to change my career to become a pharmacist. Should I start with an undergraduate degree on the health field? Do they have age requirement to become a pharmacist? Any help or information will be appreciated. Thank you.
Posted by: tt82

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 06/27/2006 06:59 AM

You would not have to apply as an undergraduate. You would need to take the pre-reqs for the pharmacy program. Contact the school of your choice and see what classes you would need to take. Once you have completed them you will then need to take your PCAT's. It is a very competitive program, so make sure to get A's and B's. GOOD LUCK!!!!
Posted by: chemnerd2

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 07/13/2006 13:33 PM

I am starting my second year of pharmacy school in the fall and have learned a lot. Definitely check with the schools that you are interested in attending for a list of requirements, but it doesn't matter where you take you prerequiste classes but it does matter about the grades you earn in them. I haven't heard of anyone in my class being unable to transfer eligible credits..and I would have heard grumbling about this one. Really concentrate on the grades especially since pharmacy school entrance has become so competitive. Not all classes will transfer because many times the school will make you retake the courses with their instructors. I have a BS in biology and was forced to retake biology courses because they were over 4 years old unless I was willing to go through a complex appeal system.

Also the schools really like people to have pharmacy experience and a glowing recommendation from a pharmacist to go with your application never hurt either.
Posted by: chemnerd2

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 07/13/2006 13:42 PM

Oh as for the age related question..How old is too old. I am 27 and the oldest female in my class. I have found the older students perform better in classes but there aren't many of them. I am not sure why this is, if they didn't apply, weren't as qualified or the school perfers to turn out students who are planning on working another 35 years.

It is never too late to go to school and if you are serious about it, take the PCAT and apply. Someone told me once...that in four or five years you will be the same age no matter what you do so you might as well be a pharmD, Dr. or whatever.

Be prepared for people's chin to drop when you tell them how long you are "in" for and then telling you how "old" you will be when you graduate.--Classmates and I have tons of stories similar to this. I have learned to ignore them.
Posted by: Nancy RPH

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 07/14/2006 21:08 PM

Go for it. I encourage you if you are serious. I am a 50 yo female pharmacist. I've worked in a pharmacy since I was 12 years old. When I went it was unusual for females to go, there were 16 out of 80 that were female. But I didn't let that stop me. I know many many things have changed since I graduated in 1978 but I will tell you that I truly love my job. When I graduated we (pharmacists) were a dime a dozen and if anyone had told me where we would be by 2006 I would have laughed a them, but now according to many, pharmacy is one of the top fields in the country and in many areas, such as where I live we are so short that many stores have cut their hours. So I got so long on my reply, but you can think your life away, if you are interested get going on your dream. I know I have never regretted my decision even when the pay was much much much less. If I can be of any help let me know.
Posted by: DrMacavinta

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 07/14/2006 22:17 PM

I have the same situation Ben. I gruated highschool at 18.. Im 20 now. My question is when taking the 2 year prerequesite, if you do bad on the first year. will the pharmacy school notice this when applying? will the grades be permanent on your record? is there a way to re-do the prerequesit or to start over if you are not happy with your grades? Also after the 2 year prereq..then only should take the PCAT? and after taking the PCAT..then apply to a Pharmacy school? is this how it goes? anyone with info please reply thank you
Posted by: AAC

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 04/27/2009 17:19 PM

Hi, I just joined the site. I am somewhat interested in possibly going to school to become a Pharmasist. How ever I am 53 years old this May. I am a guy, who has run his own construction company for 30 years, most recently Home Building. I have taken a terrible beating in this latest economic down turn, and am tired of the ups and downs of the construction business.

I was wondering if you can give me some pointers on what you think and maybe we can talk about this.

Posted by: careercrisis

Re: Question about Pharmacy - 06/27/2011 00:51 AM

Hi all,

I am a 26 year old student at a state college. I use to be a prepharm major but have changed my career goals due to my poor academics. I received D's and F's in my science classes and have failed organic chemistry 3 times due to poor attendance. Last semester was my first time getting ok grades...all A's except for my D in organic chemistry. My teachers and advisors all put me down, have laughed at me and told me this isn't for me and to find another career. I have messed up badly and wish I could start over. I plan on applying to a masters program in counseling instead, but am envious of my pharmacist (where I still volunteer at) and of all my friends that are in pharmacy school. I keep telling myself that pharmacy isn't for me and keep trying to convince myself that it is a boring job and reminding myself all the negative feedback I receive from pharmacists. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP me with some words of wisdom, I am so lost on my career goals and don't know if I should still pursue pharmacy. I keep going in circles and don't know what my next step should be. If I do pursue pharmacy, how can I possibly start over? If I don't, how can I make my envious feelings of being a pharmacist go away?

Thank you for all your time,
-Feelings of a lost student
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Winston Churchill
Those who have built a reputation around their speeches have gone down in history as being among the great orators and the list is long. A few well known speakers of modern time include:
Those of us who watch those confident speakers give their eloquent speeches up on the dais are thoroughly impressed by how truly at ease they must be. For having the ability to stand up in front of a large crowd of people and give an oration,christian louboutin pas cher, be it a motivational message,air jordan 5, a story,air jordan 11, or a sales spiel must be a "gift" that only a few are blessed with. The average person is simply not comfortable relating to a large group of their peers at one time. Well as a matter of fact, of those who are famous for their speeches and motivating of others,chaussures louboutin pas cher, many have been shy even to the point of feeling "tongue tied" when they first started to stand up and speak. It takes some training and building of self confidence to become at ease up there before a crowd and once that is accomplished that speakers comfort level goes up substantially.
Good orators lead their audience along by communicating ideas

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