Psychology Degree at age 35 yo- need advice

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Psychology Degree at age 35 yo- need advice - 12/17/2008 15:01 PM

Hi all,
I have a classical dillemma which is going back to college or not and I know the answear is of course GO!
But what does really make me sleepless is a major I choose, Psychology Major!
So, do you think that is worth at age 35 starting Psychology major just from scratch?

Here is my little story:
In Spring 2009 is my last semester at community college and I will be reciving AAS in Travel Tourism Management. I choose this programm from few reasons- pick up my english skills (I am foreign), getting idea about American Education and earning degree. Because this course was very easy so I smoothly past everything with a very good GPA.
As the time passes I've got married, have 18 month cute baby boy, husband, and my dream about having Psychology degree.
Now, the dark side of me-
As I always remeber I have never been a good student because learning came difficult to me, I often got frustrated and don't really studied well. However, I was always dreaming to earn at least bachelor degree just to feel better. Once (in my native country and another time in US) had to take psychology course and I like it! But never consider to study it because I knew I will not handle it! It's too difficult for me.
Again as time pass, I discovered that my husband has Bipolar Disorder (we were going thrue very very hard time for the last 6 month, now everything is ok) and again I started thinking about Psychology degree, doing reserch, etc. so, I know that BS is not enough but at least good start for MS...

If there is anyone who has more idea about Psychology degree please give me advice? Is it for me? Am I going to handle it?
Am I too old for it?

really aprreciate for reading my story.

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Re: Psychology Degree at age 35 yo- need advice - 12/17/2008 15:49 PM

Well, this is relatively simple to answer. To find out more about Psychology or any major and its related occupations, consult the Occupational Outlook Handbook:

It includes education and training needed, as well as job outlook and other projections.
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(NA) Re: Psychology Degree at age 35 yo- need advice - 02/17/2014 13:35 PM

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