Should I get a 2nd BA after a technical degree?

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Should I get a 2nd BA after a technical degree? - 07/30/2006 07:53 AM

I've been reading the posts in this forum and they really speak to me cos I'm going through the same dilemma right now. The thing is, most people in my case had a "general" degree first and then later decided to go for a technical or a finance-related one instead which seems to me to be a sensible career direction switch.

However, mine seems to be in the opposite direction. I'm 23 and graduated last year in engineering with a GPA of 2.4, worked for a bit and now am contemplating a BA in either History or English (my fav subject actually). Although my parents are willing to sponsor me, still I hesitate because of the high tuition costs (no more hefty grants or subsidies now) and another long wait to graduation. In addition, I just received an offer for my dream job and a second degree would come in handy for this.

So my dilemma now is, should I go for the second BA or work in my dream job and wait for my company to sponsor me for further studies? The second option seems more practical, but I'm afraid with my poor grades I won't be given a chance considering the competition I would be up against. But if I study now, I can finish my studies at the age of 26/27 and can concentrate on getting a job and probably part-time Masters after that.

Sorry for the long rambling post.. It's been such a headache thinking about it.. Thanks for reading...
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Re: Should I get a 2nd BA after a technical degree? - 08/02/2006 08:03 AM

If you have already received a offer for your dream job I wouldnt pass that up. If you like the field that the first degree has put you in, then you can slowly get that second degree on the side while working the dream job. If you didnt like what you were doing right now and the first degree was in something you didnt like,then I could see why you would want to hurry up and finish the second one. Sounds like you are in a pretty good position right now. Good Luck.
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