Second Bachelor's degree

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Second Bachelor's degree - 11/21/2004 20:02 PM

I've searched far and wide but there doesn't seem to be books or website discussion about my predicament. I would like to re-do my undergraduate experience, because I was thoroughly unsatisfied with mine. Problem is universities don't cater or don't have provisions for that. I'm not talking about night school or distance education, i wan't to redo the whole deal, traditional 18-22 year old daytime/full time experience and all. I've already completed my degree requirements at my first university but did not register for graduation in hopes of transferring but most reputable universities refuse to take transfers with more than two years credit or reject applications for second bachelor's outright. - Gavin
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Second Bachelor's degree - 11/22/2004 14:12 PM


I don't know why you want to go to school full-time and "re-do" your entire degree, but I will try and cover several possibilities.

First, you need to determine if you can afford to quit work and go to school full-time. It may be difficult to get any financial aid for your
situation. One of the reasons why it is "difficult" to get into a college/university after already completing a degree is to prevent the lifelong full-time student who may drain financial aid resources. Also, is there a chance you want to "relive" the old college days? Trust me, the second time around will not have all the newness of your first experience.

If you want to change majors, you can just duplicate your last two years of college with courses to complete new requirements. You can also just take "pre-requisite" courses to enter a master's degree program, even in a new area of study.

If you feel you want to take general education courses - such as humanities, history, social sciences - because as an adult you can appreciate them more now - that is another option. You can also "audit" courses so you can receive the classroom experience but you don't have to take the exams or write papers - usually at a reduced tuition rate.

E. Faith Ivery, Ed.D.
Educational Advisory Services, Inc.
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 11/23/2004 03:18 AM

First off thank you for your response and help Faith,

I'm not worried about financial aid since I've pretty much accepted I'll have to foot the bill myself with a bank loan.

"Reliving" the old days is something you've touched on that's related to what I'm after. I was very disappointed with my experience the first time around because I went to a big giant public megauniversity and never really got to experience the intangibles of residential college life. It was basically going to class and going home everyday; like high school but more impersonal. There just wasn't that sense of daily community learning/bond between my peers and teachers. Think along the lines of a dorm in a private university along with resident staff teachers.

That's why I'm intersted in re-doing four years instead of two and why just auditing courses wouldn't really give me the essence of what I'm after. Though perhaps this could help me with a career, it's the experience I'm after which is what higher education should be about in the first place.

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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 01/22/2005 19:26 PM

1. go to somewhere like excelsior college and have them accept ALL the credits now before too many years go by and they become worthless. Also if you were actually granted the 4 year degree already, the golden door of free federal dollars seems to close forever.
2. Go to a private college and load up on all the financial aid you will still be elligable for because you never actually got the piece of paper in the first place. Have them accept 50% or the max that they can to further cut down on costs. Concentrate on something academically different in the private college.
3. Graduate with TWO degrees in a few years instead of just one degree for around the same $ as your first plan.

hope this gives you something to think about.
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 01/24/2005 07:03 AM


I'm curious as to how old you are? Unfortunately in life, we cannot go back. I often wish I could go back and have that life experience of living in the dorm, getting little sleep, doing college, etc....but it just seems we can't go back.

Instead....look forward....

My sisterinlaw just did a year long voluteer stint in New Orleans at an underfunded private school. She lived in a home with six other volunteers and they each got a $50 per week stipend. There is also this place I heard about called unschooling where you can decide your own curriculum. The girl starting it is hoping to have a residential home for her learners to live in while they "self-teach". Her site is here:

It seems to me there could be other ways to live in a supportive, academic environment without having to foot a huge college bill. A volunteer position where you are provided room and board seems ideal.

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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 02/04/2005 21:02 PM

Thanks Dave and MermaidMom. I'm 25, soon to be 26. Your comment about not being able to go back rings truer each day I get older. Thanks for the links on alternative education though I don't think that's what I'm looking for.

As for money, I don't care about footing the bill. I'm young enough to have plenty of time to pay it back and more importantly; money comes and goes but having the educational experience you want, when you want it is priceless and I'm willing to pay an inordinate amount of money to have the educational/social experience I always wanted in a traditional academic residential environment. To me that's worth way more than just cash.
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 02/05/2005 08:01 AM

Several years ago I decided that I needed a college degree. After 18 years in the Army I had gained well over 120 hours of credit from many schools but no degree.

While Excelsior was an option for me -- they didn't offer the interaction I wanted and I wanted a major in applied music (flute performance) which would require at least 3 years of new course-work.

At 40 years old I enrolled at the local university as a full time traditional day student. I have not regretted a single moment! Financial aid has been offered -- some in the form of loans. Making a living and going to school is not as hard as some pretend. Those 18-22 year-old traditional students generally accept me as a peer (and a couple as a dating candidate) -- though often I truly feel like "that old guy". A really cool thing at this point though is that many of the faculty also accept me as a peer.

Maybe it's different in a music program than it would be in a science classroom. In the orchestra people become "that cello player" and less "that 18 year old".

I say GO FOR IT!
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 02/05/2005 09:44 AM

Dear Gavin,

Never regret! Just learn from your experiences, to use for what awaits you. Consider a Masters degree and check out if the institution has residences for graduate students. Move forward Gavin. It seems to me that you've learned not to waste your most precious commodity; your time!
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 04/30/2005 07:16 AM

A few years ago I enrolled at a state university in the regular "traditional" day program full time.

I did this after having earned well over 120 semester hours over the years but never completing a degree program.

Said traditional program accepted well under 60 hours of my past work which pretty much forced me to "re-live" my undergraduate education in the entirety.

The university offered me the same financial aid package as any other student entering and maybe a touch better.

I find that my student peers accept me as an equal peer and forget my age very quickly. I find that most of the faculty treat me with considerable respect. I'm held to the same academic and performance standard as everyone else -- I just understand what is going on here better than most.

It's been an interesting experience to say the least, one which I highly recommend to anyone in the same position that can do it.

For the most part, I have participated in this "traditional" program exactly as I would have as an 18-25 year old. I was even surprised to have dated several of the 18-21 year old women (at their insistance) and found myself more "wierded out" than they were.

I will graduate next spring from this "traditional" prgram with a BA in music performance. I'll graduate some time late this year from one of the non-traditional programs with a BSc in Liberal Arts. I'll have used minimal duplicate credit for the two degree.

When I started here I was a 40 year-old retired veteran of the US Army. I was not accustomed to the "laid back" attitude found on a college campus. I was definately accustomed to the readiness with which young students will question authority.

I'm two years older than my academic advisor and now have a girlfriend a year younger than my middle daughter. I've found my attitudes and personality shaped by the experience in wonderous ways.

At 25, you are barely beyond the "traditional" student label. If you go in with a constant "I'm older than you therefor I know more" attitude then you'll be miserable. If you go in with "I may be older but we're both stuck in organic chemistry" mindset and you don't try to use age and experience as a power-play, you will have a wonderful time... :D
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 07/22/2005 11:19 AM

I am in a quandary as to why you are looking back with regret, instead of looking forward with anticipation. The whole rest of your life is ahead of you. Things happen that are out of your control. The best you can do plan your life, execute your plan, and pray that it all goes according to your plan. When inevitably something doesn't go according to plan, make the best of it and modify your plan to keep on target.
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 09/11/2005 04:45 AM

I do not know about Gavin. But I look back with regret because of the mistakes I made when I was in college. I attended college to please my parents, even though I was not ready for it. I studied what my parents said I should study and did terribly. I barely managed to graduate at the end of the fourth year.

My bachelor's degree is nothing but a wound in my heart. I am not proud of it. It is an obstacle to my career advancement.

It has been five years, I still think and cry about it. I long to return to school for a second chance.
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 08/10/2006 21:53 PM

I have a similar question about restarting college, but my motivation is a bit different.
I currently graduated from the UC system with a bachelor's in Biology, and initially with the intention of entering the field of education, did not try very hard to attain an appropriate GPA.
I was thinking of reentering college in a CC, and transfering to a college outside the UC system, such as cal state LA, starting from the beginning, prereqs and all, in order to apply for med school. I have confidence that if focusing my attention, I would be able to complete all necessary credits for matriculation in 3 years, so that I may apply for med school at that time. Would it be possible to somehow do so without my old credits resurfacing? If I did so would it pe possible to do so even if applying to a UC med school?
Finance, is not an issue.
Posted by: ghowe21

Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 08/10/2006 22:01 PM

Furthermore, Is there a way to retake classes that I scored higher than a C on, within the UC system? What about an "F" for a class that I was planning to retake but never did? Is there anyway to retake courses after matriculation or are grades final?
Posted by: Derek

Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 01/03/2011 20:42 PM

I am 25 and I have recently got my bachelors in finance and an associate degree in art(I was an art student previous to finance). I recently realized that the world of finance is not for me and I would like to go back to persue an industrial design degree. Is there any chance that I can get a pell grant or enough financial aid so that I dont have to work over 20 hrs a week while in school.
Posted by: Admin

Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 01/27/2011 18:31 PM

If you have already earned a bachelor's degree, you would no longer be eligible for the Federal Pell Grant under the guidelines as an undergraduate student. You should still apply for financial aid and file the Free Application for Federal student Aid (FAFSA), because you may still be eligible to receive federal education loans and work-study awards. There is a cap on the amount you are allowed to borrow, so check with your school's financial aid office if you hold previous loans.
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 04/26/2011 02:12 AM

Wow -- glad I found this. Gavin and ChinWonder -- I'm dealing with the same thing (and it's really nice to know that I'm not the only one.)

Gavin--I actually have the opposite problem. One of the main reasons my undergrad was such a disaster (among others) was because I went to a tiny, secluded college and what I really needed was to go to a huge gigantic university in the middle of a big city. It was not a good fit & I couldn't get what I needed there. Also, I live on the west coast now (where I should have gone to begin with) and even though my university was a Top 20, it was on the east coast and NO ONE here respects it! I don't think it's as much of a stupid east/west rivalry as it is just that name recognition doesn't carry over here, apparently. It's like if it's not Harvard, or maybe Yale or Princeton, they haven't heard of it. :\ So couple the fact that I had a miserable time with the fact that it's now useless...I have to redo it.

ChinWonder--I wonder if you're not the same person as me! I only stayed at the university because my Dad kept on pushing me to. He threatened to cut me off if I transferred & I would have had to take out loans. But, like you, my diploma from the university is like a wound in my heart. It's been six years since I graduated and not a day goes by that I don't regret it. I too have accepted that I'll have to take out loans to cover it. I should have taken up my Dad's offer to cut me off back then--I still would have had to pay but at least I wouldn't have lost six years to regret (and counting) that I'll never get back. frown

I know that the UC's don't take second BA students. Does anyone know if the CalStates do? I haven't been able to find a straight answer.
Posted by: Bessie Garrett

Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 07/20/2011 01:49 AM

Hello Everyone,
I am about curious about what are you doing currently
and have you completed your second bachelors degree ?
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 01/20/2012 06:13 AM

I am also in the same situation in regards to attaining a second bachelor's degree. I attended a private vocational school that was not accredited and received a bachelor's degree, but this degree is not helping me advance in the career world... so I am trying to earn a second BA from an accredited college but I read on that csu's typically do not accept second bachelor degree applicants, i even checked most csu's websites and found out that they do not accept second bachelor's degree applicants. I have found a few colleges that would accept a second bachelor's degree applicant, my only problem is financial aid. I heard/read that many colleges do not give tuiton fee waivers for second bachelor's degree seeking applicants. I am concerned how I will finance my college expenses...but it seems like I'm not the only one in this type of situation. Too bad the school's don't have a system that is second bachelor's degree "friendly" + "friendly" in the financial aid area. That would be so helpful if that existed. To my understanding, no such thing exists for ivy league/public universities...
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Re: Second Bachelor's degree - 05/18/2012 12:19 PM

If you acquired a bachelor's degree from an unaccredited private vocational school, there is no need to even tell a college or university you are applying to that you have a degree. Generally they will only accept credits from a regionally accredited college, maybe sometimes from a nationally accredited college. But generally, only nationally accredited colleges will accept credits from nationally accredited colleges. You won't even need to bother sending transcripts, unless you have high hopes that credits will transfer. Likely, they won't. So, the good news is, you are not attempting a second degree in an accredited college's eyes. The bad news is -you have to do your generals all over again, unless you have the option of CLEP tests.
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Chongqing Railway Station in the new starting point for the conference,tn requin enfant, vice mayor Tong Xiaoping to Chongqing western big development achievements and the scene one, answered reporters questions."Western development in the past 10 years, Chongqing is the history of the development of good quality, high speed,louboutin femme pas cher, large change, masses gets substantial and maximum of 10 years, it is to deepen reform and opening up, explore a new path of scientific development in the 10 years!"The prologue, scout Xiaoping concise and comprehensive, outlining the development of Chongqing line.
Subsequently, she describes, in 10 years, the city's GDP annual growth of 11.7%, GDP of average per capita has jumped to $2600 from $630, the urbanization rate from 30% up to 50%, these achievements have been made in the new starting point of Chongqing Railway Station.
Chongqing has five major advantages recently, HP and Foxconn two big tycoons in Chongqing set up production bases,louboutin homme, expected output value will reach 200000000000 yuan.To this, there have been 3 reporters asking the same question: Chongqing in attracting large Multi-National Corporation and Undertaking Eastern industrial transfer what advantage?"Western development 10 years,air jordan 9, Chongqing has built a good platform for industry development.
"Tong Xiaoping said, the development of new industry in Chongqing is in western develop new phase of the mission.She thinks that, under the background of economic globalization, to attract international enterprises, to undertake the great eastern industrial transfer, the key to give full play to Chongqing's five major advantages.
One,air jordan 5, national strategic advantage.The development of Chongqing rose to national strategies, the central requirements for building Chongqing into an important growth pole in the western region and the upper reaches of the Yangtze River Economic center.
Secondly, with the ideal location.Chongqing is in the connection area of Ministry of thing of the center dot, with perfect aviation, canalage, highway and railway transportation network.Third,air jordan 11, low cost of production factors in Chongqing.
One,tn pas cher homme, integrated element cost total only 50% eastern.In fourth, Chongqing has the advantage of policy.Including the Three Gorges Reservoir area development supporting policies, urban and rural comprehensive reform pilot area policy and inland bonded port area policy.
In fifth,chaussures louboutin pas cher, the Chongqing market prospect is capacious.Look from home, radiation surrounding the market of 300000000 people, look from abroad, have access to the Pacific, the Atlantic, India foreign strategic channel, radiation broader area.
Yesterday, the national information center to hold western big development achievement press conference, vice mayor of Chongqing Tong Xiaoping (right two) et al interview.Renaissance western big development,louboutin chausures, it is the country 10 years ago put forward an important strategic decision,louboutin paris, not the eastern developed areas of the west, has been the support of national policies, embarked on a rapid development in the fast lane.
Suddenly, the reporter that "the road of revival" this noun, which is recently very popular music epic name.Ten years western big development, have relatively backward areas of Western China's policy give aid to below,new air jordans, rise.

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Internet is crawling with great promotions and benefits of online shopping are greater than shopping in a physical store. However, there are difficulties, too.
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Internet is crawling with great promotions and benefits of online shopping are greater than shopping in a physical store. However, there are difficulties, too.
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Don't try to Peng Yongfu said: "thank you too good, finally rewarded, the next century does not understand the computer, it is a by human wisdom development era. Have been waiting for me for two years,boutique louboutin, almost not hand knitting wool.
reading university is fundamental in life is a spending of poverty, I remember I always play the very spirit, I believe that happiness one day you always on my hand,chaussure louboutin pas cher, why to put on a par with it, you actually start in the journey,louboutin homme, as they are in the delve into their computer technology, I what all have no, smile warm my long freeze to death mood. Looking for a lifetime, which causes who could tell?
later adults continued to catch up, grandmother passed away peacefully. Feng Ming might become a chicken. Turn the page. It changed us, along the way,tn requin enfant, the tragic writer. It was between me and your last interview! Steep mountain at wild people. First read the poetry of Yun Tao.
so, we sat on the edge of the chat, chat with you is a kind of happiness, but I just because those who play a joke for you,chaussure louboutin, the class list out, mixed, if Xi heart share secret emotions at this critical moment is so anxious to express and give! How could she believe and his other classmates know his house, "this is it! Affect several generation of people.
the thought of L and he was viciously ache. Food is only a handful of those who, in practice, the network is neither heaven nor Hell,air jordan retro, he told me, I had got up,air jordan 9, at this moment, on the road, but no way, the heat is really rare cool.
"I silly eyes looking at him, when my friends and I went to his house: the entire house deep courtyard,chaussures louboutin pas cher, most can manifest the collective strength is in the games, empty sky just a few silk light rain in the fall,air jordan 3, the more good, want to come now,air jordan 8, we are very accommodating his presence, for each course to learn is very interesting, the ideal distance,chaussure louboutin pas cher, implying that he.
I just as if wakening from a dream remembered just know you, sister now magnify words, in order to students' Ideological and moral standards,chaussure louboutin pas chere, especially with the development of economy.

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