Differences in Degrees

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Differences in Degrees - 10/29/2001 13:23 PM

I want to go to college so I started taking some courses in the Vocational program. The
academic advisor said they could be converted to an Associate in Science degree not an
Associate in Arts degree. I just don't understand all the different degrees & what is basically involved. I think I would like to make an ultimate goal to get an BS degree in Business Administration, but I don't really understand the process. Could you help me to understand? Also, could you let me know the different degrees in Business and Management. Thanks, Kathy
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Re: Differences in Degrees - 10/31/2001 15:40 PM

In Professor Arthur Levine's book,Handbook on Undergraduate Curriculum it's defined this way:

"The bachelor of arts (BA) and the bachelor of science (BS) are the most common of the baccalaureate degrees. Both consist of general education, a major, electives, and sometimes basic skills components. The BS is likely to require more courses in the major than the BA; the BS is awarded significantly more often in the natural sciences than in the humanities; and the BA is used four times as often by arts and sciences colleges than professional/technical schools. Beyond this, differences depend on policies of individual colleges...including having different general education requirements for the BS."
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Re: Differences in Degrees - 12/14/2001 20:16 PM

As I am going back to for a business degree, some business degrees are:
Business Administration
International Affairs
Global Affairs
Computer Information Systems
Real Estate
Supply Chain Management
Operation Management
Project Management
Public Administration and Management

There are even new degrees called Interdisciplinary studies where you can take business...

These are all degrees that can be obtained as a business degree, plus many more...

My personal advice is decide upon a career field and then find out what majors are widely accepted in that field.

Best of luck!

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Re: Differences in Degrees - 06/17/2009 01:46 AM

Here is a list of degrees that you can go for:

Associate in Business Administration-visual communication
MA in Managerial Communication
Master of Arts in Business Communication
MBA in Management of Information Systems
[list]MBA in Project Management
MBA in Marketing
MBA in Public Administration

There are certain good universities which provides above degree s like Kaplan University, Jones International University, Baker College Online, Florida Tech, Ashford University, Capella University, Colorado Technical University, WestWood College.

I hope this would be pretty helpful.
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