the new-be's dilemma

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the new-be's dilemma - 08/23/2006 21:22 PM

Hey everyone,
While surfing the net, I happened to log on to this website. All the stories inspired me and I thought that I could register on. I am 19 years old. I went to a community college but after I finished some of my courses, I stopped going. I decided for a change and recently I got accepted to a state college. My dilemma is that this college doesn't offer any pharmacy courses. I'm willing to get into this field but I just need advice on how to get started. Should I transfer to one that does have pharmacy, or should I pick Psychology (my 2nd choice) as a major and then go to a med school to study Pharmacy? I am new to all this and a bit confused. I would love some advice from people who went through this before.
But in conclusion, my question is simply this, how do I become a doctor of pharmacy as fast as I can!! OH, and does pharmacy include any traveling at all? I speak Polish and English fluently and I am on my way with fluency of Spanish. I would love to take advantage of these languages in my future.
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You can take your pre-reqs at the community college and then transfer to the pharm school. Check out this website
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