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Need Help getting started - 04/28/2010 23:21 PM

OK... I am 36 and want to go back to college to get my bachelors. I have 2 associates degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering. I do not know that I want to get my bachelors in engineering, but I also don't know that I want to start over in my education process. I think I want to take online classes, but I am not 100% sure on that, guess it will depend on what I decide to do as a major. My question is anyone have any suggestions. I actually own a successful restaurant/business, and have for 10 years. I don't know that business interests me for a degree. I would love to have a BSN to further to be a nurse anesthetist or midwife someday. Any suggestions that anyone might have I would love to hear. I live in Ohio, near Toledo/Defiance....I went to the community college to obtain my 2 associates.
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