Second Bachelor's Degree or Taking classes for English

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Second Bachelor's Degree or Taking classes for English - 12/19/2010 03:25 AM

This is my current predicament. I graduated two years ago double majoring in Comparative Literature and East Asian Studies and have been teaching ESL abroad in China since my graduation. I've discovered I really enjoy teaching and potentially would like to get a Master's in English education to become a middle school or high school English teacher. Most of the grad programs I've looked at require that you take at least a certain number of English classes or majored in English as an undergrad and I don't think I've met those requirements. So my question is do I have to go back to get a BA in English or how can I make up for those English classes? (By the way, the grad programs I'm interested in are Bank Street College, Teacher's College-Columbia, and NYU)
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