MBA student considering second bachelors...

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MBA student considering second bachelors... - 06/19/2012 19:04 PM

Hello everybody! I'm in a rather peculiar situation with my education at the moment and wanted to get some advice from the helpful forumgoers at back2college. Let me give you a little background info first: I am a current MBA student and Ialso hold a BBA in both finance and management. I will graduate with my MBA in May of 2013. I have about two years of post-undergrad work experience in the banking industry and three years as an English teacher. Before returning to graduate school, I spent three years living in Taiwan and studied Chinese casually while I worked full time teaching English. I loved learning Mandarin but never had enough time to learn it well because of my work schedule. I moved back to the states to attend graduate business school and I struggled to find an industry or function that really interests me. I recently began a Chinese language immersion class here at my graduate school and it made me remember how much I love learning Chinese. I am very passionate about Chinese language and culture and how it applies to business. So, I am considering a second bachelors degree in Chinese language after I graduate.

My Chinese level is around beginner-intermediate. I can hold a fairly basic conversation in Chinese but my pronunciation and tones need a lot of improvement. I havenít learned to read or write Chinese very well either, so I may need to start from the beginning to learn Chinese characters.

I have read much of the other posts on this topic and I am well aware that most of you frown on a second bachelors degree as opposed to a masters. What most of you probably don't understand is how difficult and time consuming learning the Chinese language is. Especially when it comes to the writing system. I have every intention of becoming fluent in Chinese to the point where I can read, write and speak to accomplish complicated business tasks that would make me an asset for a Chinese company doing business in American and vice verse. Graduate level degrees in Chinese require applicants already have an advanced command of the language which I don't have yet. Working and taking Chinese classes is also out of the question because I have tried that before and it doesn't work for me. I need to dedicate all of my time and focus to learning Chinese when I'm studying it. The way I see it, a second bachelors has the following advantages: it would allow me to start at or near the beginning and focus on the intensive memorization of Chinese characters, I would be able to defer payment on my current student loans, and it would prepare me for an M.A. in Chinese language which is my ultimate goal. I figure it is best to do something I am truly passionate about rather than taking a job in an industry or function that doesn't really interest me. I know I am racking up student loans but its a small price to pay to be happy in my profession for the rest of my life. What do you guys think?

I would like to know what everyone thinks about this idea and if you have any suggestions, recommendations, or advice about how I should proceed. Does anyone know which Universities have good Chinese language programs? Or whether there are American universities or universities in China that I can receive federal financial aid to attend? Any information is welcome and thank you for taking the time to read my post.
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&nbsp ;Qixinggang area will become the Monument for Liberation CBD supporting service area at night, standing Tongyuanmen towers look to Monument for Liberation CBD ,lights bright ,and the foot of the Qixinggang area is many bleak .
Although adjacent to Monument for Liberation ,sitting on a golden location ,but the commercial carrier of less than 200000 square meters ,Qixinggang became Monument for Liberation dazzling under the light and shadow black light ,appear disgraceful .
On the afternoon of 16 ,Yuzhong District of the seventeen National People during a meeting, Qixinggang representative group collective force, invited the six departments, to accept the star of area of hillock of function positioning and development planning thematic inquiry ,the move ,intended for Qixinggang broken bureau ,tired .
The once bustling to Sing Kong please guests ,tn pas cher france,the grade of 16 days 16 when ,thematic inquiry in Qixinggang area of Yuzhong district government building held a meeting room ,a party was Qixinggang representative group of 16 District People the other is Yuzhong district development and Reform Commission ,established diplomatic relations ,Planning Commission Office ,business appoint ,nike tn pas cher,national endowment appoint ,bureau of tourism of six departments of the chief or deputy leader .
We are not the proposal (similar to the accountability ) ,but ask case ,mainly is to understand the situation . At the beginning of the meeting, the host is the conference laid relaxed tone .
Yuzhong District People Zhongshan hospital vice president Xuan Ruoliang said ,for so many years ,Qixinggang there has not been a clear positioning ,however ,is worth being happy in Yuzhong area Twelfth Five-Year Plan ,the first clear Qixinggang function as a Monument for Liberation CBD supporting service zone , I want to ask in this position ,is ,what specific measures will be taken ?Five years will achieve what effect ? And Xuan Ruoliang said ,20 come for years ,he witnessed the ups and downs of qixinggang .
s ,said to Sing Kong Golden Hill Hotel please a customer ,that is the most level . Speaking of Qixinggang once flourishing, Xuan if bright face .At the end of the 80 ,the Yuzhong Peninsula set off a wave of demolition development tide .
And Xuan Ruoliang said ,because the policy relaxes, capital is active up .The heavy steel ,long endurance ,and other large state-owned enterprises, have financed the old city development .
At that time, Monument for Liberation and dense population ,Qixinggang is relatively small ,so ,by contrast ,Qixinggang demolition development cost lower .In this background ,louboutin pas cher,Yuzhong district takes the lead in starting Qixinggang Pro Road area of demolition and reconstruction .
Chuandou cottage or on by many removed, a street single concrete building was born .Seven Star Hill Station was in the lead at the forefront of Chongqing .And Xuan Ruoliang said ,because it is a new maintenance building ,Qixinggang have opened in Chongqing at the time of high-grade Huangjia Hotel ,Golden Hill Hotel ,the Goddess Peak Hotel ,as well as Zhongtian decoration city .
Yuzhong area appoint ,district government and district administrative office ,almost all access qixinggang .Seven Star Hill suddenly became one of the most prosperous areas of Chongqing .
The data statistics ,Seven Star Street Gang only area of 0.81 square kilometers, the resident population reached 69000 people ,high population density of 86000 people / km2 ,is the Yuzhong Peninsula living the most densely populated areas .
To decline agency zero total only Monument for Liberation fraction however ,Qixinggang prosperity did not last long .Because of Qixinggang located in traffic hub ,new air jordans,cannot accommodate the large area of the business volume .
After Chongqing directly under the jurisdiction of Yuzhong city function area layout ,scribing ,Monument for Liberation commercial pedestrian street construction .Under the drive of government ,commercial center soon moved to Monument for Liberation ,arriving after 2000 ,Qixinggang development into almost stagnant .
In recent years ,state-owned assets have come off recombine ,air jordan 3,some commercial buildings were put up for sale .For example ,air jordan 9,earlier this month ,5 years after the 6 listing ,Yuzhong SASAC at the price of 383000000 yuan in the Imperial Hotel Jialing building to buy ,there are still several floor is blank room .
The District People Qixinggang street party is versed in appoint secretary Jiang Xuerong said ,once the support of Qixinggang regional transit decorative City ,because city rapid extension ,industry to follow the market to go also ,decline can hardly be avoided .
In Qixinggang ,a Palestinian man son general tomb ,Tongyuanmen City Park , Xinhua daily business , site of the provisional government of the Republic of Korea site ,the former residence of Guo Moruo ,anti-Jiantang ,cultural association of cultural relics .
Qixinggang keep culture bonanza ,but because of the environment ,transport facilities ,cultural attractions to create enough, no reception groups of tourists ,tourism almost did not form an industry .
Now ,when the construction enthusiasm, but planning vision does not . Inquiry on the meeting,louboutin pas cher, Yuzhong Planning Bureau responsible person said ,because of a lack of long-term planning ,population gathering ,but the function of supporting the inadequacy ,affected the economic development of qixinggang .
Since the establishment of diplomatic relations in Yuzhong area appoint vice director Xu Jun says, Chongqing municipality directly under the central government at the beginning of, Nakayama Ichiro two-way 4 driveway is spacious, but obviously can not meet the transport needs of .
Instinct Monument for Liberation CBD radiation ,rapid development of Qixinggang ,fell into the industrial situation .Yuzhong district development and Reform Commission to provide an information display ,Qixing street gang is the weakest area of industry .
At present, commercial carrier area less than 200000 square meters, legal person unit 1020 ,accounted for 8.1% of Yuzhong .The scale above the legal person unit 64 ,chaussures louboutin pas cher,accounted for 4.7% of the region ,chaussures louboutin pas cher,dimensions above enterprise output value of 8320000000 yuan .
Last year on behalf of business economy wind vane agent zero total only 190000000 yuan .Its volume ,and Monument for Liberation have hundreds of billion company zero total value is compared ,only a fraction of .
Last year, investment in fixed assets of Qixinggang area ,only 6550000 yuan .The seizure vacate three big block supporting CBD opportunity is coming ! Jiang Xuerong said ,the past two years ,Qixinggang area large buildings ,has make Xinglong street ,Guiyuan Buddhist Temple ,the City Water Lane three to be developed plots .
Jiang Xuerong says ,this year the Congress report and the district government report ,were clear for the first time to Sing Kong location :Monument for Liberation CBD supporting service area .
Yuzhong district development and Reform Commission party secretary Liu Lu said , make Qixinggang three plots of land ,construction land area of more than 80000 square meters ,construction volume of more than 500000 square meters ,among them,chaussure louboutin, Xinglong Street plots the total construction area is 216000 square meters ,Guiyuan Buddhist Temple plots the total construction area of about 280000 square meters ,water alley plots the total construction area of about 60000 square meters .
According to the planning ,louboutin homme,high-grade apartment of 350000 square meters ,high-end residential and commercial buildings of 150000 square meters ,5000 new households .According to the latest news shows ,a considerable strength of the developers will invest 1200000000 yuan ,in Xinglong street block .
The planning ,will draw a lesson . The District Planning Bureau responsible person at the meeting commitments ,to highlight the Monument for Liberation CBD supporting area location ,to the new plots of land planning requirements to reduce the volume rate ,with particular emphasis on green ,leisure and other supporting functions, from the planning level to ensure high quality living area area has become the new transformation .
As the Guiyuan Buddhist Temple massif will allow 4300 square meters of public green space .How to reverse the Qixinggang industry situation ,Liu Road ,Yuzhong District of Qixinggang area industry positioning will rely on the new reform of business building and enriching the tourism culture resources, play subway site function ,and the ASE ,Jiaochang mouth area linkage development ,and with the largest Internet industry park amlposition development ,exert oneself breeds building economy ,create characteristic consumption economy and tourism economy .
The building of economic development ,we must first solve the traffic problems .Yuzhong area appoint Xu Jun said since the establishment of diplomatic ties ,Qixinggang linking Monument for Liberation underground loop road entrance ,2000 new public spaces .
Enhancement of Zhongshan road in the road traffic capacity .Reportedly ,Yuzhong district government is thinking of argumentation in Qixinggang turntable to build an underground passage .
Along with the environment change ,Qixinggang business building the economy soon into Monument for Liberation . Yuzhong District State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission responsible person said ,the government spent huge amounts of money to the building (72000 square meters ) after the acquisition ,tn requin homme,has been commissioned by the relevant agencies to design ,build demonstrative level office building .
Yuzhong business appoint vice director Li Yi says ,Jiaochang mouth decorative building materials industry gradually to Sing Kong transfer ,formed to Gome and Suning, Shanghai one hundred as the representative of the characteristics of the professional market ,to promote the commercial economy .
Yuzhong District Tourism Bureau responsible person said ,with lower urban transformation, in the peninsula region, the formation of a number of influential cultural tourism resources, the overall package, can form a walking city tourism fine line .

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60 year old Zhou Rong was naturalized in Hongkong, from the last century 90's hometown Haifeng County real estate investment,tn chaussure, the establishment of the Haifeng Huatong Real Estate Co. ltd.. According to Zhou Rong introduction, in 2000 March,air jordan 8, Zhou Rong Huatong company and the Shanwei City Center real estate development company limited cooperation, using the name "Haifeng County Huatong company" in the joint development of Lotus Park residential commercial housing, cooperative another representative week X water as shareholder participation in management. During the period of 2003 October to 2007 July.
, economic disputes have occurred Huatong company and week X water, "in our company and in the company has not yet been financial settlement on the joint development of Lotus Park District project case, in my company for about 2000000 weeks, X water element actually told me the contract fraud, the Haifeng public security bureau the brigade was unilateral statement on file for investigation i." Zhou Rong said, Haifeng Economic Investigation Brigade in the police repeatedly call the company staff, seizure,nike air jordan, seizure of business license,tn requin enfant, seal books company, leading the company had long been paralyzed, so far unable to operate.
"nightmare" began in July 10,requin tn pas cher, 2007 July from
in 2007, Zhou Rong was on the way to Guangdong Provincial Department of public security authorities,air jordan 9, Haifeng Economic Investigation Brigade in the police suddenly bring back to Haifeng, and on the following day on suspicion of "contract fraud" on the implementation of the criminal detention and Zhou rong. In August 17th the same year,tn requin pas cher, the Haifeng Procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of misappropriation of funds approved the arrest of Zhou Rong; Zhou Rong in the detention center has been shut up to November 29th of that year, only for a bail.
"I was kept for 4 months, a total of 138 days,louboutin chausures," Zhou Rong said of those days experience, says is his lifelong unforgettable humiliation.
two courts were acquitted
in March 5,tn chaussure, 2008, Haifeng's Procuratorate prosecution, the defendant Zhou Rongfan misappropriation, embezzlement,tn soldes, refuses to execute the award decision, the loan fraud charges,tn requin enfant, Haifeng County Court formed a collegiate bench trial.
in May 28, 2008, the court found that "the public prosecutor, defendant Zhou Rong crime evidence, not guilty". The Zhou Rong trial acquitted, Haifeng County People's Procuratorate on "original on the defendant Zhou Rong's decision is wrong" on the grounds, appeal to the Shanwei intermediate people's court. >

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Internet is crawling with great promotions and benefits of online shopping are greater than shopping in a physical store. However, there are difficulties, too.
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Introducing your child to reading should start at an early age. When your child is too young to read you can purchase books with large tangible pictures that they can touch. Tell stories about yourself, your grandparents and your family to get them involved. Add drama and enthusiasm to capture your child's attention.
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There is a multitude of ways to share your love of reading with your child. While in the car or playing at home, play music for your children to sing along with. Learning new songs increases your child's vocabulary.
It is important to involve your child in each story. Pick short adventure story picture books and then after you read a page or two, ask questions about the pictures. Ask your child what they think will happen next.
When new words appear in a story you are reading,louboutin femme pas cher, discuss what it means and then support using the word throughout the day. Use magnetic letters on the fridge to write the new word. The ability to touch the letters will help your child to remember the word and then you can teach them how and when to use the word in a sentence.
Explore the world of online apps,nike tn pas cher. There are many applications for smart phones and computers that encourage children to explore the world of reading,chaussures louboutin pas cher.
To encourage imagination ask your child questions about the story you are reading together,chaussures louboutin pas cher. Get them to create another story around the pictures in the book,air jordan retro.
To make your reading time special snuggle together at a set time each day and read. Pick a spot and make it your "special reading corner". You can store your child's books there as well,chaussure louboutin.
When you want to read your favorite book,air jordan 6, encourage your child to sit beside you and read their book. By sharing this moment with your child you are setting a good example for your child and promoting reading alone.
Create a reading chart. List the books that you have read with your child and after ten books, praise your child for a job well done. Continue to use this chart after your child learns to read.
You can create a connection when you introduce your child to the same books you loved as a child,chaussures tn. After reading a few paragraphs you can talk about what you loved about the story and where you used to read when you were a child.
Go to the library or book store with you child and get the books that interest them. You can go to used bookstores to help keep within your budget. Check out CD's and DVD's that are available, that are interactive for children to learn the alphabet and increase their vocabulary.

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the Council a paper notice of the Ministry of Finance and the National Social Security Fund (hereinafter referred to as the "Council" the National Social Security Fund) "draft" stop message, the already ice pension market path becomes whirling.
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