Bad Grades -- How do I go Back?

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Bad Grades -- How do I go Back? - 10/25/2005 09:16 AM

I goofed around in High School and had no real direction so I just went to work out of college and now work as a white collar professional.

I (barely) failed to graduate high school so went and got my GED that Summer just so I wouldn't be a total flop. This was back in '89. After that, I messed around in community college for a couple of years--nothing serious here either. Now, 16 years later I want to get a job designing Web Pages which I already know how to do...but I need a degree to get a job doing it.

What's the first step in going back to school for someone in this situation? Community College? Is it possible to go straight to university with poor H.S. grades from over a decade ago or do they still care about that stuff to hold it against me even now?

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Re: Bad Grades -- How do I go Back? - 10/25/2005 10:26 AM

It depends on how many college credits you have. Did you take the SAT or ACT? I would keep applying. Someone will forgive your past performance. You can always go to a community college for a cuple of semesters and then transfer to a 4 yr school. Everyone realizes you are older and wiser now.

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Re: Bad Grades -- How do I go Back? - 10/25/2005 11:35 AM

Thanks. I didn't take either the SAT or the ACT. I know that my grades and failure to reach for my potential in high school is entirely my fault. My grades ranged from A to F (Mostly Bs and Cs, actually), depending entirely on my mood for that year. The reason why I never took the SAT, however is because no one told me to.

All my Junior College work was "elective" Japaneese, Music, Gymnastics, Creative Writing, Voice, etc...

I'll try going to a community college for a year or two just so I can have some good grades "in hand" to show the universities later. Thanks!
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Re: Bad Grades -- How do I go Back? - 10/25/2005 18:36 PM

You can still apply to a univ now. Those electives will transfer if they offer them at the school you are admitted to. Don't get discouraged if you are rejected by a school, keep trying. Most schools ask for SAT/ACT results if you have less than 30 hours. Some schools even give you an opportunity to explain your situation and they can/will reconsider their decision. Don't forget that colleges are business's and they make money based on tuition and enrollment. If the enrollment is low they make exceptions.

Below is a link for the SAT. They have good information about any college in the country.

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Re: Bad Grades -- How do I go Back? - 10/27/2005 20:52 PM

You can often get a fresh start even if you have a low G.P.A. For more information, see the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
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Re: Bad Grades -- How do I go Back? - 04/06/2010 14:21 PM

Ahhh, the getting over the rejection hurdle from bad grades. Guess what? It can be done. I am probably the poster child. Smart, but had serious issues in high school from family problems that I have since relinquished with alot of spiritual insight. I graduated high school(fortunately), went to community college(fortunately), but bombed. However, years later (almost two decades), I realized a critical moment in my life: To be there for my child (when I would have one) on a level that was never given to me. And this had to be done with education. So I toughened my bottom lip, fortunate enough to live in the same city (again) where I first went to college, paid for two classes to prove to myself and the university I wanted to transfer to, that I could do it! I made an A and B from the two courses, pulling my GPA up to a point where the courses (and ones previously acquired)) would now transfer, and applied to university. I am now completing my bachelor's degree this April and my University average upon graduation will be a 3.2. Not so bad after almost seventeen years out of school. I plan to go on to graduate school to complete my masters degree then have a wonderful child with the love of my life. I may still have to explain the problems of my youth from the dismal transcript from decades ago, but maybe not. Depends on the college understanding your passion of what you want in life, and I plan to tell them my journey in the graduate school admissions interview. We all come in on different levels in life, and not all of us were "psychologically" sound in the early years whether it was our fault or not. No matter what the issue, ,if you believe, and work to make your dreams a reality, it will happen. Keep working, keep striving, and the best of luck to you AND me!!!
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