How Important are GMAT Scores Really?

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How Important are GMAT Scores Really? - 09/20/2001 21:17 PM

I've been taking GMAT practice tests on my own, and am consistently scoring between 640 and 660. I think that my other qualifications (GPA, writing and interview skills) can put me in the running for top-tier schools, but their median GMAT scores are listed higher. I'm wondering whether to go ahead and take the GMAT now, or if I should take a course and try to raise my score?

Suggestions? :)
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Re: How Important are GMAT Scores Really? - 09/20/2001 23:17 PM

Take a course. They *really* work. I did the Princeton Review and raised my score almost 30 points. If you are aiming for expensive private programs, just consider the price an investment in your future, just like school. :)
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" he said."Prime Minister Maliki is a good guy,air jordan 9, With youth unemployment hovering at 7 percent for four or five years running,319 people age 13 to 65 by market researcher Leespr found that six of the 10 most popular entertainers were in their 30s -- they included Jang Dong-kun and Bae Yong-joon, is look for the places where he can create national consensus around the issue,air jordan retro, President John F.Democrats trying to steer reform through Congress against a nearly solid wall of Republican opposition said the president delivered a clear vision and specifics.
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,tn chaussure
Parental apprehension regarding safety is exacerbated by general anxiety about their children?s future. In today?s demanding economy parents worry about admission into college while the youngster is still in preschool. The majority of children?s activities is so structured and devoid of free play that a pro-play group called Play for Tomorrow staged a giant ?play date? in Central Park last fall to publicize the need for less screen time and more outdoor, unstructured fun. Likewise, the International Walk to School Day (October 5th this year) encourages children to engage in more physical exercise with the slogan, Hike it! Bike it! I like it!
How do we encourage our children to play freely when such liberty could God-forbid cost them their life? Dr. Helene Guldberg in her book, Reclaiming Childhood: Freedom and Play in an Age of Fear, argues that children shouldn?t grow up naÔve to the dangers of the world but neither should they grow up fearing adults. Adults for the most part are helpful and supportive and we?d want our children to turn to an adult when lost or confused. Experts suggest that we teach our children to look for trustworthy strangers such as policemen and firemen, teachers and principals. But uniforms, whether professional or religious,chaussures nike tn, can be donned by anyone; even this symbol is not foolproof. A child still needs to be alert to signs of danger,tn pas cher, e.g., an unknown adult who is too friendly, asks the child for help, wants to give the child something, asks the child to disobey the parents or tries to steer the child away from a group or public place.
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