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Hi There - 09/18/2006 18:41 PM

Hi, I happened to stumble on this board and thought that it would be very useful for me.

A little about myself:
I am 31 years old, and just started school at a local community college. I am currently in the Architectural Technology program.

Along with school, i work for a company that creates ads for the yellow book. I currently work full time as well as take full time classes (just because I am back in school doesnt mean the mortgage doesn't need to be payed). My Manager is pretty cool, and gives me flexible hours, and i get 20 payed days off a year for time off (which i am almost out of for the year).

I am going pretty good so far, balancing my homework. I have been trying to stay one assignment ahead at all times.

My problem is tiredness. I have found myself hitting a wall by thursday. I work until 11:15, and by the time i get to bed, it is about midnight. I have classes every morning at 8, meaning I dont get much sleep. I can usually take a naps between work and school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. But on the weekends, i do not really want to do anything except veg on the couch.

I just thought I would pop in and introduce myself. I am sure i will be coming to this board often. If anybody has some ideas, I would really appreciate some input on what others have done to get over the fatigue.

Talk to You all later.
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Re: Hi There - 09/20/2006 18:15 PM

Hi Rob,

Boy do I know what you mean about hitting a wall! I am trying to organize my time as much as possible, but I am scrambling a lot.

Do you try to go to bed at the same time every night? Are you exercising or taking vitamins?

I am afraid I drink a lot of coffee of use energy drinks. But it gets me through.

I am glad I found a forum where everyone is in the same boat.

I am 41 and went back to school when I was 34 to ear my A.A. at our community college. I loved that place. Now I am at the university where it is big and the classes are harder. I am getting acclimated but it is hard.

I just talk to my teachers and network with other students. I have found that after the first week people come out of their shells and are pretty friendly if you just say hi to them.

My first paper back yesterday I got a D. I was stunned. I decided to just talk to my professor about it. She asked me what happened since I do so well in class discussion. I explained it was my first paper and my first semester back and she was super helpful.

Just keep at it and you will find your stride! That's what they tell me!

Talk to you all soon,
Get some rest!
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Re: Hi There - 09/20/2006 18:29 PM

yeah, i go to bed about the same time..i get out of work and get home, and by the time i take the dogs outside, and let them get some of there energy out after being kenneled all day, I am in bed by midnight and usually fall asleep between midnight and one. when i get up at 6:45, there really is no wonder why i am tired.

Today, i have not had any caffeinated beverages, and my last one was tuesday morning on my way to class, so hopefully that will help.

Our college has a recently built new recreation center. my plan was to start going there after classes. normally i do not have a whole lot of time between work and school to go where i could go consistently.

other than that, i am trying to nap when i can :)
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(NA) Re: Hi There - 03/07/2014 19:05 PM

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The police asked ag

check whether the d

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