Restarting college for Med School GPA

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Restarting college for Med School GPA - 08/11/2006 00:08 AM

I graduated 2 years ago with a biology degree from the UC system, with original intentions to enter the educational field. With this goal in mind, I did not try very hard and ended up with a moderate GPA, decent by most standards excluding med school requirements. I have since done much soul-searching and have since decided that I truly wish to pursue a medical degree.

My question to any who may have the wisdom to depart it unto me is, is there a way in which I can redo my entire undergrad from the beginning to generate a sufficient GPA for med school, or is there a way to retake classes where I scored a "C" or "B" even after graduation? Furthermore if it is possible to restart my B.S. would my UC education resurface upon my application to a UC med school?

I am confident that if possible to reenroll without transfering previous credits, I can complete the requisites for graduation under the desired major, within 3 years or less (at which point I would be 27), through a combination of Comunity College and CalState concurrent enrollment. Would this be possible or would my previous BS somehow be unearthed upon reapplication to med school at that time?

Finance, is not an issue. Any aid in this inquiry would be of greatest assistance and would be deeply appreciated.
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Re: Restarting college for Med School GPA - 10/10/2006 11:31 AM

Interesting question you have here. I have taken classes over again and achieved better grades which in turn took the previous sub-standard grade out of the calculation of my GPA, but they did not make the classes disappear from my transcripts. Certain schools also offer a procedure called academic renewal, that allows you to petition to have grades of D and F removed from your transcripts when you have shown recent improvement. Another problem you might run in to is that you already graduated and I believe some schools do not accept people wanting a second four year degree.

Transferring credits to a different school is the students responsibility. But when you apply they always ask if you have attended other schools. I don't know if you leave that blank there is a way for them to know you have completed credits at a different institution.

Since the UC and Cal State system is ran by the state I would think your best bet would be a private university. Call the schools you are interested in and ask them directly. Have you previously applied to med school?
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