Adults Living on Campus

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Adults Living on Campus - 12/31/2001 22:31 PM

I have been away from the college scene for a few years and since I recently (3 months ago) lost my job I am now considering going back to college. I currently have 70 credits towards my degree in business management. I am a single lady, no kids and am to receive unemployment compensation for 3 more months.

I am looking at returning to college in September 2002 and I want to know about adult housing on campus or off campus. I have not seen any information that addresses adults living on campus. Do some schools have an all adult campus - adult dorms - and what are the issues/concerns with adults living on campus? What schools have the best environments for adults on campus? I am strongly looking at going away to college and would be very interested in the topic of adults living on campus.

Thanks in advance for your response.
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There are colleges and programs designed especially for adult students, but if you decide to go to a traditional campus there are many different housing options that will vary according to the campus. Many older students live on or near the traditional college campus. Some universities have housing especially for adult undergraduates or graduate students. The student age can be anything from twenty to sixty :). Check your options with the schools you are interested in. Good luck to you~!
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Re: Adults Living on Campus - 04/23/2010 18:40 PM

Are there very many campuses that offer adult housing?
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