Being Back to school

Posted by: Marcelonyc

Being Back to school - 08/31/2006 21:27 PM

Hi everyone. I am 34 years old and I guess I am in the same boat as everyone else here. I went back to college a couple of years ago. I started taking 2 to 3 classes. Now I decided to go for 5 classes so that I can finish in 3 sementers. I already have 88 credits. I work full time and father of one. Is that a good idea to take 5 courses? Is there anyone here who has done the same thing?

Thank you.
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Re: Being Back to school - 09/01/2006 09:31 AM

I never tried to take more then four classses each semester. It depends on the classes that you will be taking. If all five are time consuming like English Lit, Math, History etc. It would be difficult. It also depends on you, how structured you are with keeping time for studying and homework. Good Luck.
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Re: Being Back to school - 09/01/2006 18:43 PM

Well, I am taking Law, Intermediate accounting, Accounting Information System, Management and Operation research. I belive I can do good with all of them. The only one I am kind of worried is Law. I know I can pass but I will have to burst my ass off. The thing is that in my college, if you take 12 credtis you pay and above 12 is free. Som if I take another class which is the fifth, it will be totally free.

I hope I am doing the right thing.

What do you guys think?
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Re: Being Back to school - 09/01/2006 21:58 PM

Wow,sounds like you will have your hands full.I take it you are going for a accounting degree? Make the fifth class something easy, like a fun elective.
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Re: Being Back to school - 09/02/2006 21:49 PM

Yeap, you got it. I am in the accounting major. I think Operations Research should be the easy one since you do not have to follow the chapter and our attention will be given to the class itself. I will try my best. One question: for the chapters assigments, did you use to read them all or you would just take a glance at them and just pay attention to class?

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