withdrawing from a class

Posted by: sierra8

withdrawing from a class - 03/29/2006 16:58 PM

mainly I just need some other perspectives and advice. I am very near graduation and am taking this one class that requires 3 critical analysis papers and a final. on the first paper I got a D. I wrote a second paper and the professor rejected my topic and is not being very helpful with suggestions or advice, even though he offered feedback and advice on papers before they are due. there is only about a month left of school, but I don't want to end up with a D and bring my gpa down. should I drop this class? I won't graduate but will only have to get 3 credits somewhere else to do so when I am ready. I am not going to graduate school and am an older student, so it doesn't really matter if I graduate or not. I was mainly just doing it for myself.

I'd just like to hear some thoughts on this. I am leaning toward dropping the class but want to think about carefully before I do anything.

thanks to anyone who wants to comment.
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Re: withdrawing from a class - 03/31/2006 04:40 AM

Is there no hope of pulling off a decent grade at this point? You still have two more papers and a final in which to improve your grade. I would think that should be enough to pull off at least a "B."

I guess if it were me, and the situation was really grim, I would drop the class. Since time is not an issue for you, one more class shouldn't be too much of a burden, and it beats having a low grade on your transcripts.
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Re: withdrawing from a class - 03/31/2006 12:38 PM

I suppose there's a chance that I could end up with a B. I did get a response back from the professor with help on a topic and hopefully I can write a good enough paper this time and next to pull my grade up. I'm trying to hang in there but this last one has been the most stressful semester. I have too many classes for one thing and I am ready to be done with this school thing.

I appreciate your reply. It's definitely what I should do. Thanks.
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