How to Spot an Adult Student

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How to Spot an Adult Student - 09/26/2001 15:34 PM

Have some fun with this!

To start off:

The adult student is the only one sitting in the front row or seat in the college classroom.

The adult student doesn't carry a backpack until they figure out their purse or briefcase won't work, then they can't find one that doesn't look silly on them. cool
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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 10/30/2001 21:13 PM

How about:

The adult student always asks for the syllabus, extra credit, and extra reading material on the first session of class.

The adult student does not eat on campus unless its from a vending machine.

The adult student has to cope with professors being his own age or maybe even a little younger.

The adult student on campus sometimes wishes he wasn't so adult.

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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 11/02/2001 17:05 PM

They also may have reading glasses to see the blackboard up front and/or the "tiny text" in their textbook, laptop, palm pilots, etc wink
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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 11/24/2001 14:01 PM

Hello, I'm one of those older learners. I just started, 3 weeks ago. I entered the accelerated courses, which include adults around my age. The hardest road block is the studying and research while you have your family that also depends on you. For anyone out there, it can be done, and I will succeed. Thanks for listening. :rolleyes:
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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 11/29/2001 16:45 PM

To all the adult learners out there:

I'm 27 and I still need a few more classes to get my B.A. I also want to continue on with schooling, as I would like to teach, particularly at the University level, however farfetched that may sound. I just wanted to let you guys know that you all sound so great, so positive and motivated and it is really inspiring to see so much determination despite the obstacles of daily living, family, problems, etc.

Just a note that you make me smile and I wish you all the best of luck in your (accelerated or otherwise) educational endeavors. Makes me see motivation in a whole new light: positive and dedicated. Goal oriented. I'm like that too, and I thank you for reminding me that it's ok to be this way!!!

Seasons greetings and warmest regards to all you adult learners back in school! Right on!!!!


Deepest regards and warmest wishes...

sylvia morelos :p
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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 11/30/2001 16:13 PM

Thanks for your words of encouragement! May I add, "Ride On"?

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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 05/09/2004 17:37 PM

My book bag has wheels.

I don't understand how the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Cold War, and Bay of Pigs are "history".

Even the tunes on the oldies station are new ones.

I graduated from high school before most of my classmates (and a few professors) were born.
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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 10/16/2010 18:10 PM

You make me smile also. Being an instructor at a university is not farfetched, it is within reach if you want it badly enough. It is students like you, who made my going back to school enjoyable. I met so many nice, young people and enjoyed seeing, and chatting with them daily. It was interesting that they felt comfortable to let me in on their lives, a little. Several of the younger students, and I had lunch together, and also did homework, compared assignments, and strived for good grades together.
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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 01/10/2011 17:56 PM

Originally Posted By: CoachTurner
My book bag has wheels.

I don't understand how the Vietnam War, Watergate, the Cold War, and Bay of Pigs are "history".

Even the tunes on the oldies station are new ones.

I graduated from high school before most of my classmates (and a few professors) were born.

LOL, that's great! :)
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Re: How to Spot an Adult Student - 07/15/2011 04:01 AM

Hi Guys,
You're the first one to arrive in class, and the last one to leave.
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