Failed in life?

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Failed in life? - 04/06/2006 20:27 PM

I'm 20 years old and i graduated in 2004, i went to college that same fall like everyone..attempted 12 hours dropped one and made two C's and one B. Next semester things got worst...a D and F...dropped another two classes. Summer came around and i had to pass or i'd be dismissed...i made two F's. Yup dismissed. A year later now and i cant wait to get back. I've already put in my application for Summer...even though i'm so excited to get
back..theres still a feeling of that laziness coming back and reuning everything...i know i am smart and capable, this is the last straw..any advice?
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Re: Failed in life? - 04/07/2006 08:15 AM

You're still young and can fix this, but you've really got to buckle down. Here's some free advice (feel free to ignore it of course):

Too many people go to school without clearly defined goals. Try and find an academic discipline that excites you. Believe me, I knos this is hard. Consider areas you never considered before.

It's easy to get short-sighted and become lazy. Don't allow yourself to do that. Continually remind yourself of why you're in school and what your goals are. Always keep the big picture in mind.

Don't associate with people who are a bad influence on you, no matter how close you are to them. They will drag you down. This may seem cold, but it's your life and you've got to do whatever it takes to succeed. Professors and textbooks; THOSE are your new best friends.

A lot of kids go to school to party. Accept the fact that you're not in school to party; you are there to learn, period.

Mos importantly, you need motivation and self-discipline. Unfortunately however, these can only come from within. Reach deep and you will make it through.
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Re: Failed in life? - 04/06/2010 14:04 PM

Sam is right. Move on. Change your "energy" climate to a more positive one, meaning associating with people who want to further their lives. Take note, and do the same. We all have messed up in some aspect of our lives. Even me, or I wouldn't have tried to find this forum. However, we all have different issues, and different platforms we come in on when it is a competitive game of education of trying to get in with the masses. However, it is your future, so obtain it. We do not compete nationally anymore, but internationally. If you are truly maturing, you will be psychologically sound in assessing that a break is sometimes needed, but buckle down and study when you have to. Find your passion. It isn't all about what career makes money, but what moves you, and you will be successful because it is evident you know your stuff. Relax, get educated, and remember, it is more of us in this world regaining ourselves to make our futures brighter!:)
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Re: Failed in life? - 06/12/2013 02:29 AM

20 yrs of age is not the end of life. There are individuals who re-start who are much older. Compared to them you are young. Remember, failure is the 1st step to success. Good Luck.
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