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Accuplacer - 01/28/2009 00:35 AM

Hi all! I am going to go back to college and will be going back to a community college first. They want me to take a Accuplacer test, and although I know why they want it, I feel very unprepared. There are many prep test material that helps you pass the test, but I don't want to just pass it...I want to know it. The college does not seem to offer any basic math or english classes, so my question is: Where can I find classes that I can take that will get me up to the Community College level?

Thanks so much! grin
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Re: Accuplacer - 01/28/2009 03:31 AM


Most community colleges and adult education centers (as well as local high schools) offer remedial courses (in Math and English, for example), but there are also remedial courses available online, even some specifically for the Accuplacer.

As over sixty percent of community college students are placed in remedial programs, it is interesting your college doesn't offer them. What community college will you be attending?

If you are looking for specific subject courses, and your school does not offer them on campus, look at other nearby schools, or online or distance opportunities. I am not quite sure what courses you are looking for (or if you want to take several courses or just one.) Have you taken a standardized placement test to see what areas you might want to strengthen? A college guidance counselor might be of help in this area, and have suggestions on how to strengthen your skills.

If you are looking for overall preparedness, you might find the book College Knowledge: What It Really Takes for Students to Succeed by David T. Conley, with recommendations on remedial coursework and the preparation sequences, helpful. He has researched a report, Understanding University Success. showing what skills college students need that is a great guideline.

Congratulations on taking steps to make sure your foundation is strong when you jump into your dream!
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Thanks so much! I am trying to enroll before the deadlines to apply for scholarships and can not seem to get the advisor to call or email me back. I want to enroll but do not want to take the accuplacer before I feel I am ready. I have never had algebra and understand that there is online help for that, but want to be able to enroll, not just in remedial courses but other courses too. I thought the guy took me serious, but I think he simply thinks that I want to avoid taking the Accuplacer. I looked at the accuplacer sample test questions and did not see the point in taking a test that was over my head. Thanks for the reply, and the suggestions.
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