Financial aid for changing from a BA to AAS?

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Financial aid for changing from a BA to AAS? - 04/21/2009 14:09 PM

I'm in the middle of my BA program for liberal studies (receiving financial aid.. grants, loans, etc), and I would like to enter the medical field. There is an AAS degree available at another school. If I decided to not finish my BA at my current school, would I be able to receive financial aid at the new school to pursue my AAS?
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Re: Financial aid for changing from a BA to AAS? - 05/07/2009 09:39 AM

Financial aid is generally dependent on several factors, including the number of hours the student has completed/attempted in pursuit of a degree and the amount of aid already received.

You may need to be determined as making Satisfactory Academic Progress by the school to receive continued Federal aid. Ask the financial aid office of the new school about their policies before making any decisions.
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Re: Financial aid for changing from a BA to AAS? - 10/26/2009 04:39 AM

Yes. You just have to update your FAFSA with the new school info, then get an award letter from the new school. Your awards may be different, but you will still be eligible for aid as long as you are in a degree seeking program and your financial situation has not changed a lot.

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Re: Financial aid for changing from a BA to AAS? - 11/01/2009 00:56 AM

I know that you posted in April and it is now November, but I want to offer some food for thought. You say you want to move from the BA to the AAS program. The Associates of Applied Science (AAS) is a degree that typically is earned by those who want to get a degree and go to work. Although students who earn it can and do transfer to four-year institutions, it is not generally designed for that. Many of the classes are not transferrable to four year institutions. An AS (Associates of Science) on the other hand, is designed for transfer and many 2 yr schools have articulation agreements with the 4-yr schools, so that the AS will tranfer in its entirety.

If medical school is your goal, you would need a Bachelors degree preferrably in some science area or (psychology if you plan to be a Psychiatrist), so talk to someone in admissions at the medical school that you would like to attend to learn their requirements for entry into their program. You may find that being in that BA program in liberal arts is the best place to be. Add a few more of the science classes, if you have plenty of electives, and you might be in good shape.

If you have not already done so, please check with an advisor at the two-year school to be sure that you are not making a mistake.

And yes. Your financial aid could be affected. In some states, students who have earned 80 semester hours at a two-year school cannot receive additional grant money if they remain at the two-year school (at most 2-yr schools you need 60-66 hours to earn the Associates--funding for up to 80 hours is pretty generous). They must move on to the four-year school. Check with your state's financial aid agency to find out their policy.

I wish you much success!!
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Re: Financial aid for changing from a BA to AAS? - 07/29/2010 04:25 AM

Thats right.Why do we need to have these financial in our daily lives?Why do we need to wait for approval of the personnel incharge?

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