Financial Aid but divorce not final - questions

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Financial Aid but divorce not final - questions - 05/19/2009 23:15 PM

Well, here's a quick overview of my situation. I'm 41 and have been separated for 3 yrs. Divorce has been filed but is not complete. Should be finalized in the next 6 months. I work full-time and have my 3 kids with me full-time (father lives out of state). My income is such that I would qualify for a Pell grant (based on calculator). My question is, since I am still married will his income need to be taken into account? Not sure if this is necessary or not but I filed my income taxes as head of household and not married filing separately. I would like to attend part-time to begin with & see how that goes since I am working full-time. If all goes well I'd like to go full-time but don't know if I can handle it. Do you think it will be a problem getting assistance since my divocre isn't finalized yer? Any help or suggestions are appreciated. I am eager to return to schol ASAP and don't want to wait until divorce is final unless I absolutely have to.
Thanks for your help!
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Re: Financial Aid but divorce not final - questions - 07/13/2009 00:09 AM

maybe by this time, you already have an answer.
I just wanted to tell you that since you filed as head of household, they will consider only your income. Iam 36 years old , 2 kids , Iam divorced now but at the time I was applying for financial aid , I was separated and filled as head of household. They didn't ask my husband tax. And I was qualified for any grants the government could have.even my state grants too. So do not worry about your situation.There are lot of help out there for people like us. Be blessed.
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Armed elements among the protesters fought street battles with soldiers sent to end their demonstration. More than 90 people were killed, most of them civilians.
In response to the violence, more than 60 women's organizations teamed up to form the Women Network Reshaping Thailand to push for more involvement by women in politics. In recent years women have comprised just about 15 percent of the country's elected leaders.
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Sutada says too many women candidates quickly learn political rhetoric just to get elected and have little interest in pushing parties to put forward more female candidates.
"This is from the culture I think. By law you have to comply but by nature or by culture you ignore. Automatically ignore,tn requin," said Sutada.
Sutada says it is too early to tell what Yingluck's rise will mean for women's role in politics or the effort to reconcile Thailand's bitter political divisions.
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Thaksin Shinawatra's return could spark another round of unrest in Thailand, but Yingluck says his return is not a priority right now.
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As Yingluck prepares to take office in the coming weeks, all of Thailand will be waiting to see whether her untested political skills can overcome the country's deep divisions -- or if she can change broader political attitudes among both men and women.
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Internet is crawling with great promotions and benefits of online shopping are greater than shopping in a physical store. However, there are difficulties, too.