Tuition reimbursement

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Tuition reimbursement - 07/09/2009 06:34 AM

Iím about to start college and the VA (veterans Affairs, CH31 VOC REHAB) is going to pay 100% of the tuition and cost. Here is my problem. The college went ahead and did the paperwork for all my grants and student loans for the first term. So I have to wait until 60% of my first term is over before they will reimburse the money to me so I can send it back. They havenít made it clear on what part comes back to me. I signed the paper saying any surplus in funds will be forwarded to me.

Does this mean the student loan money that they took out that will be refunded will be sent to me?

What about the grants?

If both grant and student loan money is sent to me how do I go about sending it back to the original loaner without getting interest over the three months the college is holding onto it?
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