do you get the loans you need?

Posted by: veronica do you get the loans you need? - 08/05/2009 02:03 AM

This year has been a very bad financial year for us. And my husband (age 32) made the decision change careers go to school. With no previous schooling we have a long way to go. our income this year has been so bad that we can't afford to go to school. Unfortunately last year showed we did really good on our taxes so we can't get any grants. What options are there for student loans? I hate to go into debt, but we just can't find another way.
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Re: do you get the loans you need? - 08/18/2009 15:43 PM

In order to access loans you have to first fill out the FAFSA online (Free Application for Student Aid). See the financial Aid section of this site for lots of information on the financial aid process.
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Re: do you get the loans you need? - 11/07/2010 15:14 PM

Im wondering how do i get the help i need to get back into school while my loan is in default. Are there options for me so that i can be placed in deferment
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Re: do you get the loans you need? - 05/03/2011 08:24 AM

I am in the exact same situation with 2 different lenders. I have been looking at consolidation info (not that I can consolidate until the loans are all in good standing)and don't see how I could possibly pay the minimum monthly payments that are now due.

Posted by: Polly Sauers

Re: do you get the loans you need? - 05/19/2011 17:51 PM

FAFSA does not provide enough "funds" to cover the financial needs of a student that is unemployed. 24 million Americans are unemployed, to date. Supposedly, FAFSA is supposed to find all the grants available but the only grant my school provides is the Pell Grant - the Texas Grant is supposedly not available during the summer and may be cut by the State next year. Do you have any other suggestions?
Posted by: SunnyInUtah

Re: do you get the loans you need? - 06/27/2011 10:58 AM

I work full time, and applied for Pell, and got the maximum $5,500 for Fall and Spring. I am lucky to have a college locally that only charges 1900 for 14 credits, so I will actually have money left over for books. I also took out a loan just in case I need it, but I doubt that I will use it as I work full time, and can pay my bills already on my pay and my husbands pay. I also found classes at 5:15 pm and some online courses, so I can keep my job for at least another 2 years until I start my clinicals. THEN I will need the loans as I cant work full time with Clinicals.
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