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#1048 - 09/22/2006 10:03 AM 33 yo starting school next week!
brnfmlymom Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/07/2004
Loc: OR
I am 33 yrs old and am a mother of 4 kids, ages 4-14. I will be starting school (PT - 1 class) next week. I have a few concerns.

Between soccer practice, boy scouts and being on the board of my daughter's co-op preschool, I have a PT job 2 nights a week and on Saturdays. The class I will be taking is 2 nights a week. I know my husband is really going to have to step up and help out a lot. I'm worried about juggling all this and time for homework.

Also, I am not a "city-savvy" gal. The college I will be going to is in the middle of a major city (20 min from me). It is a night class and I am nervous about walking from the parking garage to class. I looked on a map and there are 2 parking garages pretty close to the building my class will be in. I am still REALLY nervous about walking alone at night. Any ideas here?!


#1049 - 09/22/2006 15:10 PM Re: 33 yo starting school next week!
LaPrell Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/21/2006
Loc: Valley, Alabama
I can't help with the homework juggling quite yet but I can offer some pieces of wisdom on protecting yourself on the walk.

1. I'm sure there will be other students attending in the same fashion as you, perhaps you can locate another person who parks in the same garage as you and make the trek to and from together. Just agree to meet at a specific time before each class. There is some truth to the "safety in numbers" cliche.

2. Be very aware of your surroundings, do not be fumbling with your purse or other items. Carry a book bag (those clear ones are great b/c it will let anyone who is wondering know that it's only books you're carrying in there), do not load your arms down with items, it will make you appear more vulnerable.
Do not talk on a cell phone during the walk. While it may seem safer if someone can hear what you are doing, etc, there are studies that criminals (rapists, theives, etc) target women talking on cell phones because they believe they will be more easily approached. After all, if your attention is focused on the conversation, you may not notice someone following you or approaching you.

3. Carry a pen, pencil or set of keys (sharp side between your fingers and pointing out when you make a fist). This is just a precaution but if someone were to approach you, you will have something that could become a weapon if needed.

4. As for cell phones, they are useful, just keep it in a pocket on your person rather than in a purse. Obviously if someone snatches your purse you could be without any way of getting help if your phone is in it.

5. Do not engage vagrants, no eye contact, no acknowledgement. I am one of the most compassionate people I know and I honestly hate when I have to do this, but I know that there are safer ways to provide assistance to a homeless person than to be approached or approach them on what may be an unlit or uncrowded street. Also keep in mind, in large cities people tend to ignore what is going on right in front of them. Do not hold this against them, alot of times it's simply because if they tended toward vigilante behavior, they'd never have time for anything else. Therefore, even a street with other people walking doesn't mean you can relax your guard, you must be aware of where you are, who is around you, what is ahead of you, etc.

Think of it this way, when you are driving on the interstate you not only pay attention to the people next to, in front of, or behind you: You also keep your eye on the horizon for those telltale brakelights.

I hope this helps. Remember also that people who would harm you feed on fear and learn to recognize it. Being confident and knowing where you are heading are always goods ways to project a "back off" aura.


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