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#1052 - 10/22/2006 11:45 AM single mom... full time job... and the opportunity i have been dreaming of.... but...
jenni Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/22/2006
Loc: chester sc
hey, like alot of yall. i just found this site. and its been wonderful. i like to read about people that have overcome there fears and reservations, and went back to school expecially the ones that have children. it gives me hope that i can do it to. i dropped out of high school to marry someone that couldnt remember he was married, we had three children, like door steps. 2 of them were born in the same year. after 5 yrs of marraige he ran off with a 17 yr old girl. and left me 2 weeks before christmas with a brand new baby and 2 others that are still in diapers. i lost everything my house, my job, and my car. so i moved in with family and went and took my ged. and passed. then i enrolled in barber school. because my dad promised me a job if i finished. i did it. i finished and have been working 2 yrs. now i am a barber, i just bought a house. but me and my 3 children now ages 5, 6, and 7 are still living day to day. i go to work every day just to pay a bill. and when i think i have them all paid. they come again. i am greatful that i have a job and a way to pay them, i know i have been fortunate, but with no support from their dad its tough. i have been talking about going back to school to take cosmotology, it would just add more to what i can do in the shop, and expand my income by thousands a yr. and give me some females to talk to. i love my profession. i love the atmosphere in the "making people beautiful world". well i looked and looked but the schools around here were expensive. and my grants wouldnt cover all the tuition. leaving me with 333.00 a month payments. then the other day i found a school in another state and hr and a half away from home that got me to fill out some forms on line. one of them was my pell grant. they made me an apointment for this coming wed. and told me that they would know by then if i would qualify for a full scholarship. its a paul mitchell school. i am so exited, but.... now i dont live with my family. i am own my own. and do not have the help i once did. i will have to do alot of rearanging in my life. i keep thinking that i am to old to start again. and my car wont make it that far. my kids wont get to see me at all for 9 months. or however it long it takes me to finish. the classes start at 5 and i dont get off work till 5. my dad says i can go if i do it on my own time. and the school says i can come in when i can and make up the hrs. but that will take longer to finish. i am confused. and scared. what if i didnt fill those forms out right and dont get my financial aid. what if i blow my chance. i need some advice.


#1053 - 10/26/2006 19:23 PM Re: single mom... full time job... and the opportunity i have been dreaming of.... but...
kae1996 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 04/17/2006
Hi Jenni,

There are a lot of what if's? What if you get 9 months down the road and didn't even try? It's tough; I'll admit that. I've got 2 kids, a full time (and a 1/2:-) job and am taking 3 classes....but, it's worth it. I'm learning and doing what I wanted to do.

Sit down and determine how bad you want it? Imagine yourself a year from would you feel if you went to school. Then imagine yourself a year from would you feel if you didn't.

Good Luck.


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