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Re-entry Student GraduateWelcome to our online student discussion forums! This is the place to ask a question about returning to college, share information with other returning students, or just join in the discussion!

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#1084 - 11/04/2002 15:53 PM starting over
kbunch Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/01/2002
I attened college for 2 years and then flunked out. The only reason I went to college then was because everyone said I owed it to myself. Well not really wanting to go, I went, I partied way too much and did horrible. Now several years later I want to attend college again, for myself this time. How do I go about getting into college? Can I apply as a freshman and just pretend that I never attended college the first time? And if I do that what are the odds a university will catch that and not allow me in?

#1085 - 11/04/2002 16:26 PM Re: starting over
Admin Offline


Registered: 12/10/2008
Loc: California
Hi kbunch,

Please see the information on beginning again with a clean slate in Frequently Asked Questions. You need to be honest about your academic history, but the good news is many colleges will give you a second chance.
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#1086 - 11/22/2002 09:01 AM Re: starting over
mdct1 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/22/2002
KBunch - I did the same thing the first time I went to college. Then I waited about 20 years to go back - and I was surprised at how many opportunites there are for returning students. Many colleges have programs for us "non-traditional" students & you don't have to start from scratch. I strongly encourage you to find out if there is a program in your area and make an appt just to talk to them - you might be surprised at how many credits you already have & they can give you info about distance learning, the CLEP exams, etc. (I got 6 extra credits, and saved myself $1800 that way - a 90 minute test instead of two semesters of English Composition!) Also, a lot of those types of programs will allow you to design your own major if you want. PLEASE, do it - you will be so glad you did! I am having a blast in college (but not the same kind I had the first time!) If you're doing it for YOU, because YOU want it, it means so much more. What are you waiting for????

#1087 - 11/26/2002 12:10 PM Re: starting over
BMW1980 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/26/2002
Loc: Arizona
Wow, It is good to know that I am not the only one who did that same thing! I have only successfully completed 1 semester ut of six that I signed up for and quit (mainly thanks to too much partying) I am afraid at how bad that will look at the Universitises I will be trying to get into after I finally complete my AA degree at a community college....which I hope to be going to next fall. Good luck with everything. :)
Polonius:O, I am slain (he dies)
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#1088 - 01/24/2003 11:21 AM Re: starting over
georgiapeach Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/24/2003
Kbunch, you sound a lot like me. I'm 23 and I'm so ready to go back to college. I started in fall of 98, and flunked out my freshman year with one credit to my name. Awful, I know. I haven't been back to school since. I know exactly what I want to do now, which is go to Georgia Southern Univeristy and major in Fashion Merchandising. But I do not want to go to community college. I just want to get back into school as soon as possible and I want to finish as soon as possible. Right now, I don't even really know where to start. Since I have basically zero credits, I hope to be able to enter as a freshman. I just need a second chance like a lot of people, because I just know I can make the grade this time around.

#1089 - 02/17/2003 10:34 AM Re: starting over
mlbatlanta Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 01/06/2003
Loc: Atlanta, Georgia
Hi Kbunch,
I also did the same thing. I flunked English twice my first year. So I transferred to a Junior college. I got my average up. Then I transferred to GSU and flunked history (flunked 1 and withdrew the 2nd time). I got frustrated and upset and quit school. I went back(in 1998) after a 15 year absence. I received my BA in Speech Communication from GSU in 2000. Presently I am working on my Masters degree online. My advice would to be check and see which courses can be applied. If you go back to the same school, you will probably have to write an appeal letter to ask about returning to the school. I had to do that for GSU and I also had to do an appeal letter to get my financial aid because my average was very low at that time. Oro you can go back to a junior college like I did to start back with your core courses and when you have finished those core courses, then transfer to a major university for the courses in your major. Just take it one day at a time. You may have to take 1-2 courses a quarter or semester to start but don't overload yourself. Work on getting your average back up. You can do it. I did it and I am way old! LOL

God Bless you in your educational pursuits!

#1090 - 02/19/2003 06:43 AM Re: starting over
jjudge Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 02/19/2003
Loc: Monmouth University
To kbunch,
Do not be discouraged because you did not succeed in college the first time. Many institutions have an "academic amnesty" program, whereby, after a certain number of years, you can apply for readmission and you will be given "amnesty" for F grades (and sometimes D grades). If you are applying to another college or university, please DO NOT just leave your past college experience out in the application process. If you did, and they discovered it, you could be eligible for outright dismissal. BE HONEST. Admission's offices have heard many stories and will not find yours unusual. In your application, just include what you have been doing since you left school, e.g., work, family responsibilities, volunteering, etc. I wholeheartedly encourage you to start your higher education career over again.

#1091 - 04/16/2003 14:57 PM Re: starting over

If you attended college previously and apply to another school, you will be asked to furnish that information so financial aid records can be checked.


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