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#1117 - 07/30/2006 18:59 PM i want to know how to go back to school!
Kevdawg62 Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/30/2006
Loc: Orange County Ca,
Hello all,

I'm going to explain my situation, and I hope to get some great advice.

I'm 25 years old married i was married when i was 19 my wife had two kids at the time from her 1st marriage. They were 2 and 3 years old when we got married, I went to college right after high school playing football, hurt my knee during the 3rd game and that was it dropped my classes and started working for my fathers family owned business met my wife got married adopted her two now they are as my own, and continued working for my family business driving trucks. fast forward 6 years....I still work at the family business we have a new baby girl thats 14 months, and the only place we've lived is here in my parents house.
i've been unhappy at my job for awhile now there is no room for growth right now and i cant make enough to guet my family into our own place.
I bring home 2,400 a month and a 2 bed 2 bath near work is at least 1700.last month i tried moving my family out of town and a new job in utah, my job was less pay less hours and basically was stupid of me to even try, now i'm back at home working with my dad again.
I want so bad to go to school, I see these digital art media programs that i know i would love. I do part time wedding videography, have taught myself everything and have had no formal training. I see all my friends finishing up school and i get depressed, i finally applied back to my community college and i'm going to try some online classes, I just dont see how i could quit my job go back to school full time and afford to support my family, plus i'm scared what if i do try all this go back to school put all this burden on my family and i cant even do anything with a degree? i've heard about student aid but i just need some direction, reading some of these forums made me want to put my story up and see what you all had to say about it? The thing is its hard for me to leave my full time job because of health care and its my dad, but i need to look out for myself and my family right?
any insight or opinion would be great. Kevin

#1118 - 08/02/2006 07:55 AM Re: i want to know how to go back to school!
socalmike Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/08/2006
Loc: Covina, CA
My suggestion would be for you to try out the online classes first and go from there,see how you like it and if you can handle going back full time maybe. How much college did you finish before you dropped out? Was it a university or community? I know you dont like your job and would like to have a degree as fast as possible but its going to take time. Stick with it and slowly knock out classes when you are able to. As far as a degree being useful it depends on many things. I have friends that have had 4 year degrees for over four years now and two work at retail stores, but I also have friends that landed good careers with technical school degrees. Having a degree,no matter what its in, can never hurt, but having a major that is in demand is something that will place you in work faster. You have to go to school for what you want to do in life, if you pick something that sounds good because you think that will get the job right away then you will not enjoy going to class and later not enjoy the job. I totally know where you are coming from,I am the same age as you and do something I dont enjoy. I still have at least two more years before I finish my degree and sometimes I want to give up because my friends have finished their education four or more years ago. I still think you should go back no matter what, even if its one or two online classes a semester.


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