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#1375 - 06/24/2006 16:31 PM Any scholarships for 39 year old freshman?????
Missie Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/24/2006
Here are my stats:
3 children
household income $49k
no disabilities
not left handed
average height and weight
currently attending community college on student loans
4.0 GPA

I think that's about it.
Does anyone on here know of ANYTHING?

#1376 - 06/26/2006 13:57 PM Re: Any scholarships for 39 year old freshman?????
bym Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 06/26/2006
Loc: Nashville, TN
My stats:
39 years old
No children
Well off income (but can't afford college)
still paying a Student Loan (so that's out of the question)
Studying Fashion Design
Acquiring an Associates Degree

I am looking for scholarships or free money. I've been looking for 6 months now and no luck. Any suggestions out there. Thanks

#1377 - 07/10/2006 20:21 PM Re: Any scholarships for 39 year old freshman?????
mc Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 07/10/2006
Loc: texas

I'm 47 and just returned to college to get my BS degree about a year ago.

I have a couple of tips that have helped me.

1. If you're working, does your employer has a tuition reimbursement program. It's worth asking even if you don't know of anything your employer might have available.
2. To snoop out scholarships, check out the <a href="">free scholarship search</a> section. They have a variety of different scholarships there. Some of them require essays. But it's worth a try.
Explore the scholarships your institution has available.
3. Tax credits. In the first two years you can claim the Hope Credit/Scholarship. That's up to $ 1500. After that you can use the Life Time Learning Credit (no limitation in the number of years) and that's about up to $2000.

I got tuition reimbursement from my employer. What was not covered by tuition reimbursement, I applied to the Lifetime Learning Credit.I received $400 back on my tax return. Using Turbo Tax made it real easy. If your income is pretty high, there is another tax option for educational credits (have to research that though, don't remember at the moment).

#1378 - 08/11/2006 17:46 PM Re: Any scholarships for 39 year old freshman?????
pugman Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 08/11/2006
If money is tight, you may want to consider taking 40 FEMA credits:

...and then transferring them to TESC.EDU via their credit bank ($380). Comes to $10/credit which is hard to beat.


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