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#1383 - 02/04/2006 22:33 PM Financial aid problem, thankful for any help
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Registered: 02/04/2006
Loc: Alabama
Hello,every one.I'm new here and am posting this in hopes of someone being able to give me a knowlegdable ansewer.I'd appreciate your heip,please forgive my some what lenthy post.My problem is this,I've just started back to college after 15 years.My problem is the finacial aid office has told me that I may not receive a pell grant or any student loan saying that their all tied together.Now the U.S. goverment has said that I've qaulified for it,even sending me a email confirmation.I've even amended my appication to suit them[school code was right but not one they wanted and had to add a second aditional to it]and now after a month of dealing with them ,this.Knowing my grant would be late,even at the at worst I might make to much and not be eligable I could still get a student loan[knowing this I enrolled and paid what I had to to get their]so this last friday after faithfully doing as they've asked of me I'm told by that office that i've gotten to many hours in school[from 15-18 years ago ]to get a grant I then asked about a student loan, again the same,answer being thier all tied together and if could'nt get a grant I could'nt get any loans that I'd have to talk to a couciler and see if I could get any certificate or diplomia before I could get anything. Well, I then waited around until one was available who actted in same manner as person before telling me I had to many hours too[refering to drafting I took years ago] and saying their was no certificate or diploma that I could get with I had and that the drafting cources had changed and that i'd alot of those cources over again just to get even a certifcate in even it.All this I was told with the insulting induendo that I might be just trying to get money and drop out, that I would have to go to school and prove that I was sensere by taking courses to complete an assocaites to their satifation before I would be able get any thing or would take time to help me. I was even told if I went esle were and went to college with my pell grant or received a student loan and went anywhere I'd be breaking the law to do so.Please know i've always completed all my college courses withdrawing only to enter another when I was in college. It seems the excuse
given to me [if that was the real reason]was that I had to many credit hours because of the drafting classes I'd taken many years ago was the problem even tough according to them they were no longer usable from a school that no longer exsists. Now i'm going back as a history major and dont see how they can do this. To go I need at least some kind of student loan which was all i've ever really asked about or wanted. Is this true or is it these people for some reason? I've gotten to many relatives going to school on loans without pell grants for it to be true,some who've went before and going again who never completed what they were first going for,some starting others beginning so I know its possible, but they tell me i'd be breaking law to do so.I believe its them linked to the aid office and maybe a few othiers for some reason and not the college. I know this has been a rathier lenghty post and thank every one that has read though it.If anyone can give me some diriction on this subject or could help me I'd be very thankful.Thank You.

#1384 - 02/04/2006 22:57 PM Re: Financial aid problem, thankful for any help
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Registered: 12/10/2008
Loc: California

Some of your post is not clear but perhaps you are referring to the policy of Satisfactory Academic Progress .

Federal regulations require that colleges participating in Federal aid programs apply reasonable standards for measuring a studentís progress towards meeting degree requirements.

This progress must be measured qualitatively and quantitatively (i.e., the student's cumulative grade point average, and the total number of attempted credit hours compared to the total number of completed credit hours.)

Students who fail to meet these minimum standards are ineligible for federal assistance (Federal Pell grants, loans, etc.) You need to ask your school if there is a way to re-establish your eligibility.

You may still be eligible for loans or grants outside of the Federal aid program, so don't give up on your dream to return to school.
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