Hi Everyone!

So glad to have found this forum. I am currently enrolled in a Masters of Education program and am thinking that I would like to change to a Masters with teacher certification. I have really wanted to go into teaching for a long time. I am congsidering quitting my full time job to make this happpen but I am just not sure if that would be a great idea. I guess I feel guilty because it is a good job with good benefits and I have only been with the company for 8 months. With so many others out of work I just keep wondering if I will be letting a good thing go. I kind of feel like I am letting them down. This is inhibiting me from just going with my instinct and quitting. My husband is on board with my decision as long as I stick with the program.
My other concern is finding a job as a teacher once I complete the degree. I know that the money is not great but I believe teaching will be very rewarding. Any thoughts for a confused grad student??