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#1661 - 09/29/2009 19:36 PM College after 7+ yrs out of school!?
Kalani Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 09/29/2009
Loc: Westerly RI
I'm so happy that I found this forum! I Was feeling pretty lost researching what I needed to think about prior to even contacting the school or apply (which will happen eventually).

I'm 25 (almost 26)and have been out of school about 7 yrs now. (I was class of 2001-2002) I did do a semester at a technical school, however I got pregnant not long after that, and so have been a stay at home Mom was almost 6 years. (my oldest just started kindergarten, my youngest is 3) I'm looking at starting college full time when my youngest starts kindergarten in the 2011/2012 schoolyear. I've been married for 7 years.

I'm actually glad I didn't get much college done the first time around...I don't think I was ready. I also didn't have a clue as to what I wanted to do with my life. (definitely not computer science) Now having stayed at home with the kids for so long, I feel like I have let my brain go to fodder and I am eager to start learning again. (Ok so maybe not fodder, I do read alot and the only tv I watch are history channel type stuff)

I feel like I need to study and prepare for a long time before I actually start. (I'd like to clep out of alot of gen eds)

I'm wondering do colleges generally still look at your school records and SAT scores even 7-10 yrs after you graduate? I did ok in school (not amazing, I really slacked that last year) but I took all the URI required courses during my 4 yrs in high school.

Guess I should mention what I'm interested in as a major. I am thinking of dual majoring in secondary education and biology. (I am considering chemistry, but I never took pre-calc at all....not sure my math skills are up for it)

I wish I could start college sooner (next year would be awesome) however I'm stuck at home until my younger goes to school and I get a drivers license (ugg and a second car)

#1686 - 10/30/2009 13:39 PM Re: College after 7+ yrs out of school!? [Re: Kalani]
BackToSchool Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 10/30/2009
I don't think SAT scores that are that old are still relevant. The university may consider your past academic GPA considering you earned enough credit hours. The ACT and SAT are primarily for high school students. If you have not earned enough transferable credit hours to deem your GPA a qualifying factor, you may have to re-take the SAT. Keep in mind that many professioanls who grew up in the era before the Internet laugh at the concept of online degrees. Avoid a degree from an online university at all costs. If you spend your time and money for an online degree, you will surely find yourself frustrated when you try to find a job with it. Secondary education sounds like a good major, but I don't know about Biology unless you are looking into engineering. Right now the hot fields are nursing and accounting. Pretty much everything else is dead. The world is not the same place at it was 7-10 years ago when you last finished school. EVERYTHING is far more difficult today (more competitive job market, fewer jobs available, higher costs of college, lower starting salaries, fewer employee benefits, and so on).


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