I am a 27 year old college grad (B.A. in Communication Studies). My current job pays well, but it is the most miserable industry ever, logistics. I do not have a mortgage, I am selling my car that has a payment, no kids, and 1 dog. I have about 20k in student loans currently. I am very good at what I do, but every day I dread walking through those doors, not because I don't like to work, but because I really don't like the work that I do. The job has absolutely no satisfaction associated with it, everyday the same monkeys make the same mistakes, and I get yelled at by our customers for it. I have no passion for this industry, and I know that is not going to lead to success (yet I continue to get promoted...). I am realistic and I do realize that not everyone loves their job. And I am not exactly a cube kind of guy to begin with. I have been accepted to Illinois State University, I want to go back to study Agricultural Technology. I have yet to meet with an academic advisor to find out what kind of credits I will have to complete, but I am judging it will be every bit of 60 hours. I guess I am just in limbo and looking for some advice/suggestions as to weather or not I should go back. I am not looking for this to be a MBA/2nd Bachelor's debate. Has anyone gone back for something like this? I am really passionate about the environment and things of that nature, and I think I would find great satisfaction with a job in the agricultural industry. I would be working at least part time when I went back to pay bills. Sorry for the rambling, just at a crossroad here and I don't know what kind of path to take, and I do not know anyone that has done this before. There are no schools in the Chicagoland area that offer this kind of degree, so I would be moving about 90 miles away to Normal, IL to complete my studies. Has anyone gone back full time in their late 20's?