I'm really excited to find this site! It is such a relief to know there are so many people who are my age and older seeking out school! I guess I'll share my purpose for being here. I am 29, I've been in the mental health field with a number of different disabilies from Autism, to Cornelia De Lange Syndrome..and the list goes on, for 7 years, I do not have a diploma due to my own doubt. I am in the process of getting my GED at 29. I've recently found ways to focus, and really in my work with others, to seek out their dream goals with the mindset that anything is possible. I beleive I began to work in this field for a reason, a friend introduced me 7 years ago, I was a price changer at Target at the time, and thought I'd never do anything more, except maybe move up to a supervisor of an area, I was wrong, goes back to my self doubt. I have recently decided to get that GED, and go for my PH.D! It definately is a whole new world for me!BUt it's all good!