Hello everyone,

I don't know if this is the right place to post this, and please forgive me if it is.

I would like to be back in school by the fall of 2011. My greatest challenges are finding the right school and getting enough financial aid to cover the expenses.

I wish to go to school out of state, and that will require moving my family.

Are there "guidance counselors" for adults with whom I could communicate with to take me through the process of returning to school, from deciding where to go all the way through to getting accepted, finding scholarships, then actually attending?

I love all of the information material that this website provides, but unfortunately with my busy schedule, I'm finding it quite difficult to do the research and then make sense of which actions to take and when.

I'm thinking if there was someone that I could always talk to who had access to the resources I need and was able to progressively tell me which step to take, it would surely help.

I look forward to getting your feedback and ideas.

Thanks! grin