Hi, Iím Lauren. Iím a junior in high school. Iíve come here because I really donít want to go to college yet. I want to go out and experience the real world and just enjoy life for a few years. But I definitely do want to go to college later, probably by the age of 26. But I have so many questions that I canít seem to get answered because all the adults in my life expect me to go straight to college. So here are my questions:

If I apply for college now and get in then can I wait a year or two to go or will I have to reapply?

What do they look at on an application from someone who is going as an adult?

If I find a job that I love can I keep that job and go to college part time? How long would a bachelors degree take if I did that?

If I take courses throughout my life then how do they effect me when I finally go to college?

Whatís an honorary degree?

What if when I go to college I have to take a course on something Iíve already mastered? Can I just take a test and get credit for that course?

If you waited before going to college can you tell me your personal outlook on it? Do you regret it for any reason?

If you went to college after high school and then went back later how is the experience different? Will I really miss out on Ďcollege lifeí?