New to this site, and I hope all of you can be of help. I'm 37 w/2.5 years of college under my belt. I haven't been in school since 2004. I would like to find a school on the west coast to transfer to, and start a new adventure in my life. I've been a Clevelander all my life...and it's now or never. I need to scratch the itch. No kids, no wife, and no commitments (other then a job I love/family friends). I need to prove to myself that I can move somewhere new, and finish the education I started years ago. I also have a deep passion for surfing...yes, I surf on a lake...and yes, you can surf on a lake. So ideally, I'd like to attend a school where I can continue to indulge in this passion of mine. Does anyone have ANY IDEA where one can find the info on a school that caters to adult/working students, close to water, in a warm climate (Cleveland winters are brutal...and I can't bear another). Any help, or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for responding, and I hope we all find the answers we're looking for through this forum.