Is 25 too old to start over and getting another Bachelor degree?

I am in my first year as a Graduate student in a Pharmacology program aiming for a PhD. I did not act pragmatic and I choose this path thinking more about the "potential rewards" rather than the things people with this kind of life have to do day to day.

I am strongly leaning towards withdrawing for several reasons:

(1) I don't feel my skills align with working in a Lab:
I'm clumsy while doing experiments, I easily get distracted, and I don't pay enough attention to details.
(2) I don't feel like learning the material comes natural to me.
(3) I am not enjoying it.
(4) MOST IMPORTANTLY: I don't have the passion to be Scientist.

But if I quit then what?
I have a B.S in Biology and I don't like the job opportunities that come with it:
I don't want to be a Technician for the reasons I just mentioned, and Teaching K-12 Biology sounds very boring to me

I'm considering re-enrolling as an undergraduate to get an Electrical Engineering degree because it will give me background and knowledge to design, I always had the curiosity for how electrically powered objects work, I am GOOD working with numbers and I want to have the qualifications for a job that pays reasonably well.

But am I too old?? ( I will be 25 next year and it would take me another 4 years just to get a B.S in Engineering).
And would it be worth it? What is the current career outlook for Electrical Engineers? Is the job market very competitive? Are companies going overseas to hire Electrical Engineers for lower wages?
I'm in a crisis.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.