I studied economics at my undergraduate school and seeked a career in law and prepared for going directly to lawschool, but only recently I recognized that what I really want to do is not (yet) law, but rather build my specialty in environmental management.
I haven't taken enough math/science at my undergraduate school, from which I am supposed to be graduating from this february. Since I am planning to move back to the US (I went to school in another country), I thought I would rather take some courses in community colleges and then apply for grad schools.
But with some research, I came to realize that community college courses could be taken as "easy courses" to the admissions office, and read another forum saying that "you could just DUPLICATE last two years in college and take the prerequisites". Do you think I should postpone my undergraduate graduation and take courses here rather than in community colleges? My school is a top school in this country, but way below the global ranking.